See you next week!

The mission… “nothing much” except wonderful! There’s nothing to compare to it.
Weird that I’m almost done!
Zr Ramirez, Pond and Faa in Amsterdam

Yesterday Sister Ramirez, Sister Mo Young, and I had one of the most insane appointments of my whole mission. Our greenies went down to Belgium for legality things, so we were together in Amsterdam! No pictures of our day together, but we did have two appointments.

beautiful field in Amsterdam
The first was insane. I was conflicted between being impatient with the man and staying calm and letting him ramble. But, you must understand, he was very passionate, practically shouting, at us about what he knows. He doesn’t believe in faith or believing, you have to have knowledge, and according to him, you cannot receive knowledge from books, from stories, or from people. He said we, the three of us, are only human and we cannot grow or progress in our state of humanity unless we let go of what he calls our ego and allow our inner soul to come out. ahhhhh….. so taxing. This appointment drained me completely. Sister Young gave a wonderful, powerful testimony and he was quiet while she spoke, but then he started up again. Sister Ramirez asked him what he actually thought about believing and he said that belief is not knowledge, that it is for humans, who are trapped in their stupidity. I bore my testimony about the truths that I know and that our purpose in coming was to listen and be listened to, but my oh my…..

Let’s just say we got out of there quick and then found some other people who wanted to listen to us.
zusters in Amsterdam
The second appointment was a blessing. A sweet, sweet Surinamese sister who has such a beautiful testimony about the Savior and Heavenly Father. What a complete twist from our first appointment. This sister is strong and able and wonderful. She helped me get out of the cloud of impatience with the difficult people ๐Ÿ™‚ I realized that, as she testified and told us about her love for people and to respect everyone as God respects them, I needed to respect that man for what he knows. He said many, many rude things to us, but he has his opinions and I have mine.
in Amsterdam with flags
I know that my testimony is strong, and he cannot take that away from me. Sweet Sister Stelling reminded me of the foundation I’ve been built upon. If I had gone to that appointment as a greenie, I might have ran out and never wanted to have another appointment again. I would’ve had no idea how to respond. I haven’t really changed, but I have been strengthened.
beautiful flowers
What a great experience that last stretch of my mission!
thank you all for your love and support!!
Tot straks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe
Zr Faa

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