19 More Days!

Its official. I am old. My dear companions found a white hair while we were knocking doors….its completely white. What the heck? Haha, well, it’s alright. One for now is ok.

white hair
Man, I’ve lost track of the weeks! I am losing my time here though, and today while being in a car seeing the wonderful fields of Holland… it hit me.
I love this country. I love the countries I’ve served in. I love the people and I love the cultures and I love the faith. The faith is what makes them shine. Their strength and their stamina in this type of a world is amazing! I love love love love them. I will miss them dearly, but like my dad told me this week..
“Howdy short timer! You still have time for one more door to knock and a baptism, one more copy of the BOM to give it away before you are coming home.”
I still have time! haha, and I’m loving it. The Gospel is one thing that will always stay in my life, even if Holland and Vlaanderen do not. All of these things will stay in my heart, thank goodness! haha… White hair or not, I’m happy to be here for a little longer. 🙂

Also, conference! Oh man, it was beautiful. I loved the talks and the music. The music is actually what got me the most. A lot of the words in the hymns are what I needed to be reminded of. Power in music!!! haha:)

And..we found a golden person! Pauli. She is amazing. She was actually baptized 2 years ago, but due to many things, she wrote herself out of the church and was going to other churches. She always came back to ours because it made her feel good, she recognized that as the Spirit and she realized also that deep in her heart, the Spirit was never as strong as it was in our church buildings. She called us and wanted to make an appt right away. She taught us all the lessons and wants to go back to the temple and help more family members! She wants to be rebaptized and she wants to help Jesus help the people around her. She is an angel. What an amazing woman. She moved to another city, sadly, so I will not see her again while I am here, but she’s on her way back to Christ!
Be safe! Love you and thank you for the prayers and constant support!
Zr Faa

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