Count your Blessings

Well well well, Week 3 of Amsterdam! Its been a wonderful week.

Easter was quiet and peaceful. We ate dinner with a wonderful family from North Carolina who reminded me so much of Sister Morgan Young because of their accents! It was great.
Faa and Pond
Lots of appointments fell through, but we knocked a lot of doors and belled at a lot of apartments. Gotta love these days!
Faa and Ramirez
Not much of an update, sorry for that. We´re still the same, the three of us having a lot of laughs and talks and enjoying the mission life. It´s getting warmer here and we love it!
give llama BOM
The scripture I´ve had in my head this week is Alma 26:2. Can we count our blessings? In Dutch, the word tel means to count. So, when Ammon is asking about our blessings, can ye tell? Yes, spelling is off, but I think its a cool question for me. haha.
Count your blessings every one, even if you take one minute every day, just name them off. You´ll think of more as you count more of them:)
Love you all! I´m still safe and happy and trying to remember the sunshine! 🙂
liefs, Zr Faa

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