Last email

Hello everyone! Last time emailing as a missionary!

I´m safe and happy and trying to to cry all the time. Leaving the mission is hard! But I know it had to come sometime. We taught an Indian man last night and he wants to be baptized! Miracles are still happening! Amazing what the Spirit can do to a person who is willing to listen to the message of the Gospel.
3 Nephi 5:13
I´ll still be a disciple when I go home and I´ll still declare His word to the people, with or without a nametag. I love Him and am so grateful that He has carried me through these months and days and minutes.
Hymn #270, 219, 223, 224, 284, 100 & 98
Love you all!
Tot ziens:)
Zuster Jessica Faasavalu
district dutch photo 2

See you next week!

The mission… “nothing much” except wonderful! There’s nothing to compare to it.
Weird that I’m almost done!
Zr Ramirez, Pond and Faa in Amsterdam

Yesterday Sister Ramirez, Sister Mo Young, and I had one of the most insane appointments of my whole mission. Our greenies went down to Belgium for legality things, so we were together in Amsterdam! No pictures of our day together, but we did have two appointments.

beautiful field in Amsterdam
The first was insane. I was conflicted between being impatient with the man and staying calm and letting him ramble. But, you must understand, he was very passionate, practically shouting, at us about what he knows. He doesn’t believe in faith or believing, you have to have knowledge, and according to him, you cannot receive knowledge from books, from stories, or from people. He said we, the three of us, are only human and we cannot grow or progress in our state of humanity unless we let go of what he calls our ego and allow our inner soul to come out. ahhhhh….. so taxing. This appointment drained me completely. Sister Young gave a wonderful, powerful testimony and he was quiet while she spoke, but then he started up again. Sister Ramirez asked him what he actually thought about believing and he said that belief is not knowledge, that it is for humans, who are trapped in their stupidity. I bore my testimony about the truths that I know and that our purpose in coming was to listen and be listened to, but my oh my…..

Let’s just say we got out of there quick and then found some other people who wanted to listen to us.
zusters in Amsterdam
The second appointment was a blessing. A sweet, sweet Surinamese sister who has such a beautiful testimony about the Savior and Heavenly Father. What a complete twist from our first appointment. This sister is strong and able and wonderful. She helped me get out of the cloud of impatience with the difficult people 🙂 I realized that, as she testified and told us about her love for people and to respect everyone as God respects them, I needed to respect that man for what he knows. He said many, many rude things to us, but he has his opinions and I have mine.
in Amsterdam with flags
I know that my testimony is strong, and he cannot take that away from me. Sweet Sister Stelling reminded me of the foundation I’ve been built upon. If I had gone to that appointment as a greenie, I might have ran out and never wanted to have another appointment again. I would’ve had no idea how to respond. I haven’t really changed, but I have been strengthened.
beautiful flowers
What a great experience that last stretch of my mission!
thank you all for your love and support!!
Tot straks! 😉 hehe
Zr Faa

19 More Days!

Its official. I am old. My dear companions found a white hair while we were knocking doors….its completely white. What the heck? Haha, well, it’s alright. One for now is ok.

white hair
Man, I’ve lost track of the weeks! I am losing my time here though, and today while being in a car seeing the wonderful fields of Holland… it hit me.
I love this country. I love the countries I’ve served in. I love the people and I love the cultures and I love the faith. The faith is what makes them shine. Their strength and their stamina in this type of a world is amazing! I love love love love them. I will miss them dearly, but like my dad told me this week..
“Howdy short timer! You still have time for one more door to knock and a baptism, one more copy of the BOM to give it away before you are coming home.”
I still have time! haha, and I’m loving it. The Gospel is one thing that will always stay in my life, even if Holland and Vlaanderen do not. All of these things will stay in my heart, thank goodness! haha… White hair or not, I’m happy to be here for a little longer. 🙂

Also, conference! Oh man, it was beautiful. I loved the talks and the music. The music is actually what got me the most. A lot of the words in the hymns are what I needed to be reminded of. Power in music!!! haha:)

And..we found a golden person! Pauli. She is amazing. She was actually baptized 2 years ago, but due to many things, she wrote herself out of the church and was going to other churches. She always came back to ours because it made her feel good, she recognized that as the Spirit and she realized also that deep in her heart, the Spirit was never as strong as it was in our church buildings. She called us and wanted to make an appt right away. She taught us all the lessons and wants to go back to the temple and help more family members! She wants to be rebaptized and she wants to help Jesus help the people around her. She is an angel. What an amazing woman. She moved to another city, sadly, so I will not see her again while I am here, but she’s on her way back to Christ!
Be safe! Love you and thank you for the prayers and constant support!
Zr Faa

Count your Blessings

Well well well, Week 3 of Amsterdam! Its been a wonderful week.

Easter was quiet and peaceful. We ate dinner with a wonderful family from North Carolina who reminded me so much of Sister Morgan Young because of their accents! It was great.
Faa and Pond
Lots of appointments fell through, but we knocked a lot of doors and belled at a lot of apartments. Gotta love these days!
Faa and Ramirez
Not much of an update, sorry for that. We´re still the same, the three of us having a lot of laughs and talks and enjoying the mission life. It´s getting warmer here and we love it!
give llama BOM
The scripture I´ve had in my head this week is Alma 26:2. Can we count our blessings? In Dutch, the word tel means to count. So, when Ammon is asking about our blessings, can ye tell? Yes, spelling is off, but I think its a cool question for me. haha.
Count your blessings every one, even if you take one minute every day, just name them off. You´ll think of more as you count more of them:)
Love you all! I´m still safe and happy and trying to remember the sunshine! 🙂
liefs, Zr Faa