Safe in Amsterdam

Don´t worry everyone–we are alright, good, and safe. The Netherlands has more security than usual out and about, and people are not opening their doors for anyone (especially not religious volunteers), but other than that, things have been pretty quiet. Our missionaries in Belgium are safe.

Trio in Amsterdam
This world is crazy. Those few that do talk to us about our faith and their faith believe in good things to come–that´s what we should focus on; the good. There is good in the end, and there is good now. We can enjoy and laugh now, and then gather up the laughs for later. Thanks to Jesus Christ we can have good now, we had it yesterday, and we can have it tomorrow.
beautiful city of Amsterdam
Amsterdam is great. Lots of people. Lots of scared people who are sad and frightened because they don´t have hope. I hope to bring a few more people some hope with the next couple weeks I have. It´s been strange, getting used to saying that I only have a few more weeks. My mission-life is ticking away! But, life goes on:) I´ll be ok. I am ok. I´ve got my companions and we all laugh so much we´re getting some pretty good abs! Just kidding. We´re eating a lot of the good sweets of europe while laughing, so it cancels it out. Haha!
Thanks for the prayers and thoughts and support! I love you!
Love, Zuster Faasavalu
tired companions
tired companions, you can see Jess in the window

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