Last Transfer!


Haha, yes that is correct: I’m expecting a greenie! She won’t come in until next week, but yep! I’ll be co-training my last transfer with Sister Ramirez in…… AMSTERDAM! What a dream. My last 7 weeks in the capital of the Netherlands. Wow. I still can’t believe it’s real. My mind says that I’m still really young on the mission and am the one to follow; but now I’m the one to lead and it’s strange. ah! oh well: the Lord believes I can do this, so I can and I will!

Other things………..
This Saturday we were able to attend the temple with a reactivated member in our ward, Fred. He is such a great, happy, jolly guy. He was so enthusiastic as he went through the temple session. What a beautiful day. The day was like spring and oh boy, wow. The Spirit! I am always amazed when I feel the Spirit stronger and stronger; it’s a beautiful, peaceful, calming feeling. I told the Lord that day that for my last transfer, I would do anything to show Him that I am willing and that I am ready for what He has planned. What a beautiful day!
Zr Dullart, Fred, Zr Pols
Oh man. Saying goodbye to Gouda is hard! I didn’t think I was so attached until I was sitting in church yesterday and realized that I might not see a lot of these people again while I’m here. I cried a bit, and took a bunch of pictures with the members. These people are so unique. As are a lot of the other wards, but there’s something unique about these characters in Gouda; they are all so different and I love it. I love them. They have eternally blessed my life, as has Zoetermeer, The Hague, Breda, and Antwerpen. And now I’m going to Amsterdam and I’ll make new friends! oh boy.
Anya and Noah
Anya and Noah
1 Nephi 9:6–read it. It’s beautiful. It’s become the scripture of my soul. I firmly believe it is true. The Lord knoweth all things from the beginning.
Have a wonderful week! Next time I write I will have 6 weeks left! :/ wow. Time FLIES–so prepare and enjoy it.
Love, Zr Faa

Zr Dullaart


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