Ben’s Baptism and Rapunzel’s tower

Ben's baptism w Zr Nyakoh

Well, from (1) finding Rapunzel’s tower to (2) being really sick and seeing snow to (3) witnessing a baptism, this week was great! hahaha

(1) We went to Woerden, a village outside of Gouda, and while knocking we found Rapunzel’s tower. She wasn’t home. Probably was somewhere with Eugene. No one around the tower was home actually. That was sad. But it was a beautiful sunny day.
(2) I was having a lot of stomach pain and needed to go to the doctors office. After the appt, which went well, I’m on medication and I’ll be back to normal (which is something I haven’t ever been!) in a few weeks, we saw snow! It was crazy! I was surprised at how much I missed snow. It didn’t stick and it only snowed for about 10 minutes, but hey, it was beautiful.
(3) Sunday was a beautiful day. I was feeling less sick and was able to be coherent during the services. Sam was baptized! He wouldn’t take a good smiling photo, so all I have is this one of him, which is still good. He is such a good one. His mom gave the talk on baptism and told him how proud she is of him. The musical number, a violin duet, was wonderful, mainly because I dropped out (stopped playing the piano) and just listened to them. Haha! They weren’t expecting that, but they kept going and it was a wonderful, spiritual moment for everyone.
snow in Gouda!
This week was amazing. I am still healing and thank goodness today I get to rest a little bit. The rest of the week is go go go and I’ll need to be ready to do what I can and that will be my best.
Thank you for your prayers. They have been felt this week. I am so blessed. My goodness! I can’t believe the blessings. I cannot count them and when I do, I start to cry. Thank you thank you thank you thank you from my heart!
“We can be strong–together”  -anon.
Zuster Jessica Faasavalu

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