It’s Winter in Gouda!

Hi family and friends! I’m doing well. Healthwise and everything else-wise. haha! I’m pressing forward with a smile on my face and a song in my heart!
winter in Gouda

Well well well, we’ve rolled in the doubles this week.

Double BAPTISMS! (no pics because I was playing the piano and when your fingers are on the keys they can’t be holding a camera, dang it!)
Romy and Emmelyn were baptized this week. Romy is from Gouda, but has lived in Arizona for a few months. There she met with the missionaries and was taught and then her mother here in Gouda said, “Well, if you’re going to be baptized, do it when you need to renew your visa and then we can be there, too.” so….. Saturday, Romy was baptized! She is 18. She’ll be living in AZ for another two months, and then she’ll come back to Gouda. Her mother is very interested in being baptized as well, but because of some family complications, won’t be meeting with us yet. Maybe when Romy returns she’ll have the courage to meet with us more often. 🙂
Emmelyn is 8 years old and looks like a princess. Her parents invited us for dinner the last few months and we’d give the spiritual thoughts with Emmelyn’s baptism in mind. She is such a sweetheart! She sang a solo, “I belong to the church of Jesus Christ”—darling! I accompanied the world-known Vesna Gruppman, wife of the famous Igor Gruppman (look them up on Google), on the violin and I was soo nervous, but the Lord took my hands and made something beautiful out of our music. I love the hymns and I’m so blessed to have witnessed these two wonderful young women be baptized!
Double LET-INs!
This never happens, ok, maybe not never, but I’ve never had it happen to me until Saturday. After the baptism of Romy, we went to dinner with a member, Lucilene, and after dinner had an hour and  a half to work. It was rainy and really really super cold. We were miserable, but we wanted to work. So, we walked around and found some houses and some apartment buildings. We went the houses and the FIRST HOUSE we went to let us in! We taught them about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and why our Church is different from the others. They were three young adults who seemed very interested. In the end, they said they’d look at the website and read a little in the book, and if they had any other interest, they’d call us. But they were so nice and gave us water and let us sit INSIDE for a about 30 minutes!
The second was a very very very Muslim family. They are very religious and very admirable. They have 6 daughters and one son. They gave us herbal tea and some cookies. Oh wow. They didn’t really listen to our side of belief, but they let us know a lot about their religion. It was really beautiful to see such active believing people. They were so kind and welcoming. We won’t be going back to them, either, but it was a great experience to be around them and to listen to their sincere faith.
WONDERFUL WEEK, all in all. I’m still so tired and weak, but the Lord is my strength and my song. I love Him and I love His work. I love these people and I love watching them accept Christ in their lives.
Sam has chosen to be baptized on 28 February! Soon! I love him and his mom. We are excited for him and this step he’s taking.
Took a walk through the wilderness in Rotterdam:) it was really cold, but really pretty. The winds are so strong here.
Jess surprised Zr Nyakoh
Jess gave Zuster Nyakoh a heart attack for her 9 month mark
Zr Faa

So Much Work to Do!

This week has been long. Really long. Really crazy, but also really good!

storm in Gouda
Sam!!!!!!! He chose March 5, 2016 to be baptized! That is the last Saturday of this transfer, so if I leave Gouda and go somewhere else for my last transfer, then I will be able to see him be baptized. He is such a good kid. I played the piano for the primary yesterday and he said the closing prayer! He is amazing. His mom, Wendy, is also doing really well. She got really sick, but now is better. They teach each other and are such a good support for the other. Today is Sam’s 9th birthday! Happy Birthday bud! He’s so good.
Claudia. She was a miracle. We were knocking doors and she let us right in! We had a short lesson with her about the Restoration and she said, “When can you come over again?” she wants to learn more! We have a lesson with her on Wednesday🙂 She has two little kids and two older children and one grandchild. She has seen a lot of sadness and evil in her life and is ready to show God that she believes and wants to be happy. We are excited to teach her.
I know that my time is shortly ending here in the Netherlands, but I am still in love with these people. I’m so tired. My body is giving out, but with prayers and faith, I get up. I stay up, until about 9:30pm, and then I just collapse. I love this work. It’s been painful, but also beautiful and I’ve seen so much JOY! It’s wonderful. It’s hard. But, hey, that’s life, right?
Zr Nyakoh and Jess in Gouda
I am grateful for GRACE, and the power that we can receive through Christ, our Savior.
Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me” (emphasis added)
Thank you for your constant prayers and love and support and belief in me. I need it.
Love you!
Zr Faasavalu