Music Touches Lives

Zr Nyakoh, Jess, windmill

We were let in this week by two old women. Different parts of Gouda, and
different personalities, but still amazing old women. One of them is
Ruisje. She yelled at us after we passed her door, “Ladies! come back! come
in for a moment!” that moment turned into an hour of laughing and tears and
the warmth of the Spirit. She told us that we brought some peace into her
life that day. What a sweet lady.

The other woman was not interested in hearing about the gospel, but when I
asked her about her piano that I saw from the window, she asked if I could
play duets and after I said yes, she gladly let us in and we played simple
and some not so simple duets on a lovely lovely piano for almost an hour!
We returned a few days later and gave her a copy of our hymnbook in Dutch.
We sang number 26, Joseph Smith’s First Prayer, and then prayed with her. I
know that music touches lives. We talked about music for a long time, and I
told her about church choir and singing and my choir director and friend,
Norma, and also about school choirs and musical pieces that I love. This
little old woman can *sing*. Man, she sings so good. We were blown away!

Blessings happen when you believe in the Lord and His ability to bless your
weaknesses. I love Him and I will serve Him til the eternities and beyond:)
Love you all! Thank you for your prayers and love!

Love you all. Thank you for your love and support. I am forever ever ever
Zr Jess Faa

Jess and windmill


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