While knocking doors in the little city of Gouda, we found a family! We had been praying the whole week to find a family that we could bring into the Gospel. It has been both my and Zr Nyakoh’s dream to find and teach and see a family be baptized, so we both started praying for it. We would go door to door and I would say happily, “They have a family!”but then every time but one the father or mother would answer and cut us off mid sentence with no interest or good day. But this one family all came to the door. They have four children, three girls and a boy, all under 5 maybe, and the mother listened to us and asked questions. The father said that he wouldn’t read the Book of Mormon, but if his wife wanted to, he wouldn’t stop her. She said she would and that maybe it would be good for their children. (whoa!!!)
I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t stop smiling. What’s more is that they know one of the members in our ward! The members they know have 7 children, so perfect! Joint teach! Well, we first have to go back and see what the mother thinks of the Book of Mormon. We’ve been praying that she’ll feel the Spirit while she reads it and searches it. They are a protestant family and are very converted to the Bible, so hopefully they see the similarities and the testimonies of Christ on every page.
mean swans in Gouda
Gouda is beautiful. It is much smaller than Antwerp, which is taking some getting used to, but it is a beautiful city with many little villages. I’m excited for the day when I can zoom around and know where I’m going! haha. For now, Zr Nyakoh and I just laugh as we walk around getting lost and having doors closed in our faces. It’s a great life.
Happy New Year! Here they said, “Happy Switching of the Year!”
While walking, we found this cupboard. It was full of books and on the side there was a sign that said that the cupboard is a library. You bring a book and you can take a book. You can take a book and give it to a friend and so on. It was really cool! There was even het Boek van Mormon inside! Very cool. Just my kind of thing:) haha
Zr Faa

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