Zuster Fleming and Jess post surgery
After a successful surgery this week, Zuster Faa is right back into missionary work.  After being discharged Friday morning, she played the piano for a ward party Friday night and participated in the Christmas music program Sunday morning.  Thanks everyone for your prayers for Jess!  –Jenny
Christmas! I can’t wait for Christmas and Skyping the fam and the dinner appointments we have. The ward here has blessed me so much. I will miss them a lot. They are amazing people that have such big hearts and think the world of me (for some reason). I am so blessed.
This Christmas season will be special. It will be a little slower and a little more chill, but I will still spread the Light of Christ to people. Christ is so special to me and I will be forever and always so grateful for His support and His love and His peace that He gives me everyday. Because of His strength, I’m able to keep going. It’s amazing. I feel His love that He has for the people here in Belgium, in Antwerp. Its the best feeling.
ferris wheel
Hopefully she rode the Ferris Wheel BEFORE her surgery!  Not after!
Quote for the week:
Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “Tomorrow I will try again.”
It’s helped me through the rough times. As the African people shout, so do I, “Thank you Jesus!”
Have a wonderful holiday week you wonderful people!
Love you all!   Zr Faa
crazy elders again

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