Transferred to Gouda

Alrighty, I will be going to Gouda in The Netherlands! Where the cheese comes from, I guess. Haha. My new companion is from Belgium! That means I can keep my Flemmish accent and get better Dutch! Woot! I won´t be going to Gouda right away, so for now, I´m still in Belgium!

Zr Fleming and JEss
Musical Numbers…………
When you´re a sister missionary who can sing and play the piano, suddenly the ward choir director signs you up for everything and suddenly you have music piled in your arms and there´s no ands ifs or buts about it. You´re in. haha. It´s awesome. Zr Fleming also sings and plays the flute, so we have the same amount of music and responsibilities now…oh man, the music world. And Christmas! It´s Christmas music that we play and sing! Oh buddy its beautiful. Some of them I know from choir in school, some are Dutch, and some are just new. But man, nothing like Christmas music in your mission language surrounded by Belgian singers who are sometimes in tune 🙂 just kidding.
cute couple
Other good things….
It´s still rather warm down here in Belgium. Warm for December and warm for Europe. No snow. A little rain. Mainly cold. But, the sun is shining today, so I´ll take it.
I´ve been getting cards and letters and I´m so grateful for the love I feel from back home. Thank you!!!
opening Christmas package 2015
We taught Brahm the Plan of Salvation last week. He took it in pretty well. He says it sounds better than just a “heaven and hell” theory and that he wants to go to be with God, so that´s good! He´s coming to FHE tonight with some members and the 4 elders, so Christmas party for us tonight!
Gotta love life. Gotta keep smiling. It helps you stay happier and healthier, well, at least I hope it does.
Lots of love from Belgium!
Zr Faa

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