Jasmine’s baptism

This week we taught a man named Braam. He has a ligament missing in his wrists so he can´t turn them, which is kinda cool. He is interested in listening to people about Christ and the Gospel, so yes! It will be awesome. We have another lesson with him this week.
Christmas is coming! The ward here in Antwerp is amazing. They have reeled Zr Fleming and I in to do some musical numbers and to sing in the choirs:) it´s wonderful.
Keep the Christmas Spirit going this December. It´s important. When we understand Christ´s Atonement then we understand why He was born and why it is so important to have His Spirit.
Jasmine's baptism 12-5-15
Jasmine was baptized Saturday. It was such a blessing to be there and listen to her testimony. She was found by sisters almost a year ago and then was baptized Sat. She´s amazing. I love the Gospel and how it blesses people´s lives.
Happy Holidays!
Zr Faa

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