Mo, Fleming, Robbins and Faa

I am so grateful!

I am grateful for…….
  • Family
  • Safety
  • Inspired leaders
  • emails and letters
  • the Book of Mormon
  • Prophets, from the scriptures and today
  • music, for piano and listening to music
  • running, the feeling of freedom and the rush of the wind and feeling good
  • chocolate
  • food
  • my apartment
  • family
  • my companion, Zr Amy Fleming
  • love from the members here in Antwerp
  • love from my friends out here
  • love from God
  • teaching lessons in the freezing, bitter cold
  • my big winter coat
  • gloves!
  • beautiful clouds
  • family
  • Belgium!
  • the sweet stinky smell of Belgium
  • the Netherlands!
  • modern medicine
  • dinner appointments
  • friends
  • those epic moments of pure happiness
  • the Atonement of Jesus Christ
  • McFlurries from McDonalds (oreo with raspberry syrup)
  • Zr Mo Young
  • Zr Aubrey Robbins
  • Zr Andi Johanson
  • Zr Louise-Bethe Jaramillo
  • Zr Jenny Maughan
  • Zr Eliza Riley (home now)
  • Zr Becca Huber
  • Zr Kajsa Bradley (home now)
  • Zr Nikki Thomas (home now)
  • President Thomas S Monson
  • poptarts
  • Reeses peanutbutter cups
  • books
  • writing
  • sunshine
  • family
  • hymns

With everything going on, I am so grateful for the Gospel. It brings hope and peace and love and safety, even with the world around us is the complete opposite. I am praying that the missionaries in the Paris France mission serving in Belgium are safe.

We’re safe down here in Vlaanderen! We’ve been given precautions, but we’re safe.
The Work of the Lord will go forth, even in these situations of trials. I know it can. Somedays, I’m not so motivated. Somedays, I’m not feeling so good. But we keep going and keep praying. Something good will come out of it.
LOVE YOU ALL. I’m doing good. It’s been wonderful. A hard work week, but we’re here and loving it.
Zr Faa-savalu

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