Castles, Bread and an Investigator!

Hello everyone! This week has been a wonderful start to what will be a great transfer. Zr Johanson is now in Tilburg! I am with Zr Fleming, who is a treasure. A true friend. I love her and I´m so grateful she´s so patient with me and my crazy mission life. We work together really well.
Ann's baptism w Elders niceAnn’s baptism
Our first hour in Antwerpen was spent walking her bike to our apartment from the station, which took about an hour and a half. During this hour, we talked to lots of people. One of them was this man named Heroen. He is from India, we think, and he was very interested in our thoughts on God. He said he would want to come to church sometime and we set up a time and place to meet with him. Then we got his telephone number and went on our way. I turned back to see if he was still there–and he threw our card on the ground!! I was shocked! Usually they wait until you´re out of eyesight to throw it away! Nope, not with this man. He saw that I saw that he threw it down and started running. What was I going to do, chase him? I´m in a skirt and heavy boots! 🙂 Gosh, man, just take the card. Oh well. He stopped running and looked back, and saw Zr Fleming pick up the card that he just threw down! He snapped his fingers and was kind of like, “dang it!” We were so shocked! Then he ran away again. Crazy man.
Well…we called him a couple days later and he claimed to have lost our card and hadn´t looked at the website. We managed to make the appt again, for Sunday at 3:30. Sunday rolls around and we´re waiting at the square where he said to meet. …………… And he came! Whoa! Like, what? I honestly wasn´t expecting him to come and I had no idea what to do when he did show up! But, we asked him his beliefs and he told us that he believes that the souls in people live forever. We compared it to our spirits and how we really will live forever. He was one of those that would tell us how wrong we are and what´s right. BUT, as soon as we said “our souls can have eternal joy” he stopped. He didn´t tell us anything, but started asking questions like, “how do we get that?” and “what can I do?” and “where does the soul go when it dies?” WHOA. It was such a cool first lesson. We asked him “when you realize that you truly can have joy, in this life, and in the next, would you be willing to be baptized and begin your journey to eternal happiness?” and he said, “if my soul can be happy forever, yes, I am interested in knowing more and joining your church.”
Bam! He is prepared. It might be slow and we have an appt with him next week, but man! Cool! Never doubt people. Don´t judge them. Its wonderful teaching and testifying in your native language. Heroen is an interesting man with a sincere desire for happiness and joy in his soul.
Elders Decided to have a companion dress up day!
My advice for the week: keep looking up. I do that when I have moments of sadness and discouragement, of depression or numbness. I look up and see the clouds and man, they might be moving faster here, but they sure are magnificently beautiful. I love them. I love seeing God´s hand in them, in His creation. They make me happy again. They give me hope again, hope in something higher than me. Hope in moving forward. Hope in living.
Yup, that´s all folks.
castle in AntwerpCastle in Antwerpen
Loves from Antwerpen and Belgium and Deurne zelf!
Zr Faa
Zr Faa and Zr Jo at castleZr Faa and Zr Johansen at castle
bread machine
Zr Faa-savalu

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