Baptism and Transfers

Well the new transfer will begin next week and guess what? I am staying in Antwerpen! I am so so so happy. I wanted to stay, and here I am:) My new companion will be Zr Amy Fleming. I know a little about her and am really excited. She´s a sweetheart and I´ve always felt like I could talk to her and now we can! Welcome Transfer #9 (out of 12…weird)!
Ann's baptismZr. Johansen, Ann, Zr. Young and Zr. Faa
Ohhh sweet sweet sweet Ann! She was baptized and confirmed yesterday by the man who 2 years ago in Arizona introduced her to the church. She was so nervous, but then so happy and said she felt so calm after the service. She is a living example of light and truth and humor and happiness. I am amazed at her testimony and that she is as sassy as she is! Haha. This week she leaves for Thailand and Japan, so we won´t see her for a couple weeks, but she will be staying with the senior missionary couple in Japan who became her American grandparents and then she said she´ll go to church in both countries. Oh I love her.
The Lord prepares His children. He prepares them a bit more every day. I love it when these people find us and we just love them and teach them what we know and they listen to the Spirit and can go on themselves. I love watching it. He is preparing me for each of every new day. I am so glad that He has let me be a part of so many adventures. And so many lives! I love watching Him work His love into the hearts of these people. Including me:)
Liefs! Zr Faa

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