One Year Mark!

Ann! She will be getting baptized on November 8th!! That’s next week! Zr Voss and I had a great lesson with her about the tiny miracles of life, we watched a couple Mormon messages and then at the end she bore a very sweet, humble prayer that made me cry. She is such a sweet spirit. I love her!
Jasmine! Yep yep yep, you guessed it, that dancing diva from Breda is getting baptized at the end of November!! Oh man, I’m so excited. Hopefully I will have permission to go back and see her:):)
I’ve been out a year. Crazy! Not so much time left.
A year ago today I gave my farewell talk. About a pair of broken shoes and a stubborn owner who needed to realize that it´s ok to change, to get new ones.
Now, a year later, I´m still that stubborn owner. I´m making money, so to say, to buy, to earn, a new pair of shoes. the pair of shoes, as of right now, represent me. I´m earning a new me! I am not perfect. I can´t just sit and admire the new pair; I still have to work the new shoes. I still have to refine them. I need to break them in so that they really do fit me.
I am here because Heavenly Father´s wants me to be here. He wants me to run and to be weary for a bit, to break in these new shoes of mine. To refine and define what they are to me, who I am to Him. Oh man!
It´s ok to be stubborn, but it´s better to be open and willing and honest and ready for what the Lord wants you to do. I´m learning that a lot lately.
Amazing all the things that have happened in one year. I cannot thank the Lord enough for the blessings I´ve seen and haven´t seen from me being here on my mission. I am really exactly where I am supposed to be. My friends do not need to be here because this isn´t what they need to be going through. it´s only for me. Sorry, that seems selfish, but I´m just trying to learn what He wants me to. I´m here to do His will. It´s such a relief to say that and know that it´s true. it´s wonderful!
exchanges w Zr VossExchanges with Zr. Voss
I’ll get back to the world of name tags and Dutch and the Good Word of God
Love you all! Thank you for the prayers and support! They are much needed and much felt.
Zr Faa

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