Temple Conference and Crossing the Street

This week. This week was temple conference! Oh man, I love the temple. My testimony has grown because I have been away! Strange how that has worked, but I know that there is such power and peace and promise inside those sacred walls. I wasn’t feeling super good during the session (multiple problems that come with mission life I’ve decided, but mostly I had fever and felt really gross) and felt terrible about being there, with the Lord, but not being there as much as I could have mentally. I was all emotions, yes, but my head hurt real bad and my body was just not feeling great.
Zr Bradley, Young, Faa and Jo in Brussels
The biggest blessing and tender mercy was going into the celestial room and seeing my dearest friends! I realized, in a wonderful but short moment of clarity and good health, that I was with eternal friends. Maybe not all of the missionaries in the temple that day will be in my life when I go home, but my current companion, Zuster Andressa Johanson, and my beloved Zuster Aubrey Robbins will be. These two woman opened my spirit to the special feelings of the Holy Ghost. Zr Jo went to go change and I was left on the couch crying and praying for something really good and personal to happen before I left he temple. I wasn’t feeling good and everyone could tell because I really wasn’t feeling good, but I wanted to have a special moment in the temple! So, I prayed for it. And I got it! Zr Robbins came over and sat down next to me and we had a really really good chat and I had a good cry. It was wonderful.
Zr Bradley, Jo, Young and Faa with waffles
Ok, funny story…
So, we have a tram that’s about twenty narrow houses down from our apartment. It’s a 4 minute walk if you’ve got time. If you don’t, you usually run for it and jaywalk to cross the street. Yes, unfortunately that has happened to me in Antwerpen more than once or twice. Sometimes, however, you get to the crosswalk and the little red guy is there, and so is the tram. The tram doesn’t wait more than 20 seconds, sometimes 30 secs before it goes away and you have to wait 10-15 minutes for the next tram. If the red guy is there, we usually jog it if no cars are there.
I hope that made sense.
Anyway, the funny part of this story is that, one day, Zr Johanson and I are walking to the tram. We didn’t have a lot of time, but the tram didn’t come and we didn’t run. It was great.
Right as we get to the crosswalk, the little green guy turns red and we rock on our heels. Suddenly, a tram pulls up! What! No! We can’t miss this tram! We will be late for our appt!
So… we lean forward, check both ways, see that the light will turn green for the cars to cross in front of us and we………………
We hear this Belgium lady say “Alright children, what do we do when the light turns red at the crosswalk?”
We turn around and see about 20 little kids in the bright green vests walking with two adult women also in bright green vests.
So………….we don’t cross. We missed our tram. We wait very impatiently for the light to turn green and then waited 20 minutes for another tram.
But we kept the law! and little Belgium children have a good example.
oh boy.
Zr Jo and Faa at temple
I’m feeling better, by the way. Not so sickly. Just recovering slowly.
Love you all!
Zr Faa

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