Missionary life is busy!

I am in Belgium, being me. I’ve found out how to be “Jess” as a missionary, but also how to mix both of them—I feel like I can finally be Zr Jess Faa! That might sound weird, but missions do that to you–you feel like you can’t be yourself because of all the rules and things, when really, it’s all about working toward finding yourself as a person. And it’s a great experience doing that as a missionary! The Lord helps you a lot with that part.
I got sick again. Its starting to get cold. I don’t like sick days. I don’t like them at all when I am the one who is sick! I’m wayyy better at taking care of other people than I am myself! Gosh. All of my companions and even some ward members have told me that I need to take care of myself, or at least let others help me do that. But… I’d rather make dutch pancakes for Mo and Zr Bradley than sleep extra on Pday (they slept over last night because we’re going to BRUSSELS together!! yayayayaya!). And I’d rather go to appointments with Ann than take a nap.
But, I am learning for myself now that taking it easy might be good for survival. For the last two weeks we’ve been pounding out hours of work, knocking, contacting, teaching, finding, traveling…… and I’m feeling it. I’ll be ok, though.
Ann came to church. Through testimony meeting, she was quiet and thoughtful. Our ward mission leader stood to bear his testimony and when he got up there he paused and said a lot of things in really thick Flemmish. It was hard to understand him. After sacrament, Ann and Zr Jo and I walked into the gospel principles class where our ward mission leader, Bro N., would teach the lesson. We prayed and he began the lesson. (also, Ann doesn’t speak or understand Dutch at all, and Bro N. doesn’t speak or understand English… so we do a two way translation class.)
Ann stopped Bro N. mid sentence and asked him, “How did you know that this church was right? I’m having that problem myself.” then she started to cry. We explained the question to Bro N. and he did something that he doesn’t normally do: he changed the lesson plan.  Bro N. told her of his conversion from Catholicism to Mormonism, 45 years ago. He told her his whole story.
After, Ann started to cry and said that she just received her answer. She stood up and hugged Bro N. and she sobbed into his coat. He just held her and nodded and comforted her. It was such a sweet, sweet experience. November 8! That might be my last Sunday in Antwerpen. Weird. But amazing. I love Ann. I love her testimony and her light. She’s taught me so much.

pound cakePound cake!

Enjoy the week, I know I will. Don’t worry too much about me, but I’m very grateful for your prayers and your love and your support. I am… good. Happy. Sickly today, but I’ll be better soon.
Six months left!
Zr Jess Faa
Kessa Mania

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