That One Moment

There is that one moment in movies where the camera slows down, the music or sounds muffle, the characters are either in slow motion or “paused” for a moment. The main character usually is the only one seeing it, enjoying it, recognizing how special the moment really is. Sometimes, this character has a moment of realization, of wonder and awe, of gratitude or appreciation for the moment, the people in the moment, or the lesson learned in the moment.

Belgium sky
Just remembering it gives me goosebumps and fills me with happiness and gratitude.
This week, Thursday, I had that moment! That movie moment when time slowed down and I was really living in the moment. As missionaries, we are told to not worry about the future and tomorrow and anything other than today, to really live in the moment, to enjoy every minute of our missions because, yes, one day we will have moments when we really really miss the mission.
Belgium view
Thursday Zr Johanson and I came back together after exchanging with the sisters in Turnhout (Zr Voss and I were in Turnhout and found that windmill that I so generously cut out of our picture, oops.) But… I had felt really sick all day in Turnhout. Come to find out, as we get off the train and arrive in Antwerpen, we find that Zr Young was also not feeling good. After thinking it over, Zr Voss, our sister training leader, decided it might be to our (the sick sisters) benefit if we stayed together and to have Zr Johanson leave with Zr Voss to go to the Netherlands for a mission leadership meeting.
So… Zr Young and I had a day together again! Well, Thursday night and Friday all day.
Thursday night familie Boegaerts invited us and our investigator Ann to eat dinner and to have a lesson after the meal.
I can´t give justice to what was said and how it was said, but on Sunday, Zr Boegaerts told me that that was the most spiritual experience she had had with an investigator, and she´s been a member for more than 40 years and is such a good member missionary!
We didn´t teach our planned lesson, but instead we all talked. Ann was great. She asked questions and answered ours and bore such a sweet testimony. The spirit was so very, very strong.
During the closing prayer, part of me is feeling very sick and needing to get home and take medicine and sleep for a long time, but the more part of me was so filled and enriched and humbled by this experience. Bro. Boegaerts said the closing prayer, in Dutch. Ann doesn´t speak Dutch, but no one stopped him. The prayer was beautiful. Beautiful. For a moment, with my arms covered in goosebumps and my heart thumping and tears on my cheeks, I opened my eyes–just for a moment–and when I did, that moment happened.
Brother and Zuster Boegaerts, two Belgians, two faithful, humorous, generous members, their heads bowed in reverent prayer.
Ann, a woman from Thailand, a woman whose faith and sincerity is so evident through her testimony of the Gospel, her head also bowed, though she couldn´t understand a word of the spoken prayer.
Zr Young, my best friend out here, also crying, also so strong and wonderful and spiritually gigantic, sitting next to me, with her head bowed.
Aw man. It was a moment of confirmation to me that I was and am exactly where I am supposed to be. The people, my companion, with me that day, were supposed to be with me, in that moment. Nothing could have been better. I was surrounded by strange people, different people, people that I would not have seen myself with if I had been any other place.
God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform,
He puts His footsteps in the sea, And rides upon the storm.
hymn no. 285
love you all!
love, Zr Faasavalu
Zr Voss and Faa in the rainZr Voss and Faa in the rain
p.s I am feeling better now.

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