Exchanges: A great week

Wow, this week went about as fast as the last! Geez, my weeks are counting down!

creepy stairs
Monday my lovely friends Manda, Philip, and Darren from Breda came to Antwerp and we went to lunch together, which was great. I love them. Ah man. Then after lunch Zr Jo and I met Steffi, an RM from our ward, who took us to see cool places in the center of Antwerp! That was a lot of fun. A good chill day.
Zr Young exchanges
TuesdayWednesday Zr Young and I went on exchanges!!!!!!!!!!!! (Finally!!!!!!!!!!) Oh man, it was amazing. We had a blast. We were looking up some people that she had taught back at the beginning of this year, who weren´t home, sadly, but we talked to this woman named Naomi! She is a very positive potential. She told us that she is “muslim,” but she doesn´t practice. She also prays with a lot of her catholic friends at their shrines and cathedrals, but she said that it isn´t what she´s looking for. WE HAVE WHAT YOU´RE LOOKING FOR! Zr Young shared her testimony about prayer and Naomi said how much God means to her. We talked about finding answers and peace through prayer. She said she sees us as angels, good people, then asked us to pray for her! We gladly obliged and then said, could we pray with you now? She said yes! So, we prayed together, the three of us, on a busy street in Berchem-Antwerp, Belgium. It was pretty amazing. Zr Young and I also went to see AGNES! Oh, oh, oh, my sweet Agnes. She just loves Zr Young. It was such a great appointment! The Spirit is in that woman´s home. She is a choice spirit with a very very inspiring soul. Oh man:)
Zr Young and Faa on bikes
Saturday we went and saw Agnes again, and ah my, she´s amazing. We love her. She is planning on getting her patriarchal blessing soon! Wahoo! Saturday was also the Mormon Arts Festival in Antwerp (MAFA)! Wow, the music was great, the art was very interesting, and the food was delicious! So many talents shared and displayed. I saw Bishop, Rosie, and Xiandry Odro!! Wonderful day! It rained a lot, but, hey! I´m in Europe and it rains a lot. I also purchased an orange umbrella:)
Sunday Ann came to church and then came with us to dinner at family Schiltz. And let me tell you that that dinner appointment was one of the most spiritual I have had in Antwerpen. The Spirit was so strong that we all, all 9 of us, just sat in the quietness of it for a few moments. Its not like us to not talk. Oh wow. Lots of tears. Ann bore such a strong testimony of the Gospel and how it has blessed her over the past two years that she´s been learning and growing in it. Beautiful day:)
And so……… yeah! That was my week!
Love you all!
love, Zr Faasavalu
PS– what “finally happened” was that sadly, my bike has been stolen. Now, someone has a very good little bike with a new back tire and a broken bell and no working front light. But, they have a back light and good breaks, and duct tape on their chain guard. Bless their souls. Good thing Antwerpen has good transportation and I have good shoes still! Mission adventures!
Tot zo

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