A Third Companion

We have a third companion!

Zr Spikerman mini missionary
Zuster Joelle Spijkerman is from Zwolle, Netherlands. She´s 17 and decided to come on a mini mission! Her sister served in the Utah SLC, East Mission and returned 2 months ago, and since Joelle has still 2 years before she can leave, she wanted to try a mini mission!
nice apron!
She´s amazing! It´s been fun to have long talks with her in Dutch and for her to help me with my accent. We love her and cant´wait for the rest of the week!
We´ve seen so many miracles and it´s been so good to be working here in Belgium.
wearing her hat!
We visited with Dirk and Crystal, two less active members who are workign on coming back. They invited us to cook with them! We made witloof soup and chicken and meat balls. It was a lot of fun and really yummy! Special people:)
I love you all!
Jacob 3:1-2
Feast on the love of God, and we may, if our minds are firm.
As members of this Church and sheep in this Gospel Fold, we have the opportunity to do that! We can feast on His love! We can become pure and good and loved if we love Him! Actually, He´ll love us no matter what! Feast upon His love. Hymn no. 85–How Firm a Foundation!
Stay firm. Feast on His love. Be Happy. Have fun.
love, Zr Faa

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