Hump Day and an Amazing Miracle on the Street

This week. Wow.

Amanda and Brandon van GeenAmanda and Brandon at Brandon’s baptism in Breda
Tuesday we had a blow our minds, best spiritual experience of the mission. We were walking around a very busy part of the city and it was a national holiday, so there were markets and booths and drunks and loud music and so many people! We walked and talked to a lot of people, but this one woman, after we stopped her, said “I know you! You´re from America!” we had a good conversation with her about how she took lessons years ago and had just lost contact with the original sisters a couple months ago. She said she wasn´t angry that she wasn´t able to talk them, but that she loved hearing about their stories and their lives and their faith. She said the reason she stopped taking lessons was that she didn´t have time and was very busy. She also told us, while crying, that she lost her daughter a couple weeks ago. I felt impressed to pull out my hymn book and I asked her if we could sing a song for her. My head thought “in this place?!” and she even asked us if we really wanted to sing to her right then. We nodded our heads.
I kid you not, as soon as I opened my hymn book to “Er is een heuvel ver van hier” (There is a green hill far away) and we started to sing, the noise behind and around and everywhere stopped. The loud music, the obnoxious drunks, the people talking laughing conversing—all of it stopped. All that mattered was the woman, Zr maughan, me, and the Spirit. The Spirit came to us so strongly, the goosebumps on my arms reached the heavens. We glowed. We felt it so strongly. The woman began to cry, and we did, too, but our harmonies stayed strong and we sang only two verses, but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love music. It is so powerful.
district meeting
Saturday we had a leadership meeting and then went to lunch at Turkish place. Had to take a “groupie” haha
Zusters and Elders in Breda at baptism
Sunday I received permission to take Zr Maughan to Breda to witness the baptism of Brandon Jordan! He is 8 years old and requested that I and Elder Hosea be there and we were! So special! Beloved people. It was good to be back for a moment:)
Brandon with the ZustersZuster Bush, Jess, Brandon, Zr Maughn, Zr Jaramillo
The Lord shows His love to us in many ways. I love it. I love Him. I have 9 months left and I´m gonna try really hard to make it my best:)
love you all!!
zr faa
Jess at castlecute familieFamilie Odro americans

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