Tender, tender, tender mercies

Tender, tender, tender mercies

Zr Faa and Maughn in Antwerpen
Ladybugs are beautiful. They make me laugh.
The clouds here are gorgeous.
We attended a funeral in Turnhout for Zr van der Waarde. I had spoken to her once and it was a wonderful conversation, but until we got to the funeral home and I saw the pictures, I hadn´t known exactly who it was that had passed away. The tender mercy was the sunshine that filled Belgium while the Amazing Grace played as the closing song. We could all feel her love.
Jess in Antwerpen with McDonalds in background
ThursdaySaturday Zr Maughan had the hives very bad and we were inside for the good part of those days. But, we grew closer and talked a lot and I made french toast, American style! I found quotes for my PMG and wrote a letter to my family. Good times. Tender mercy is that she´s better now and we are working again.
Sunday……. oh man. Sunday was crazy. Our alarm did not go off and when my body woke up, it was 8 o´clock in the morning! We had a tram to catch at 8:50!! So, repentant morning prayer, 2 minute shower, swallowing a bowl of cereal, and gathering everything together because we wouldn´t be coming back until 9pm.
THEN, we get to church on time, thank goodness, and someone taps my shoulder. I thought it would be one of the members telling me to sit down because the meeting was about to start–but nope. It was my mom´s cousin Jay and his wife Jenn and their two oldest boys! What a shock. What a shock. I freaked out and sang prayers of gratitude in my heart. After the funeral, I had felt very homesick and down and a little misplaced because of being inside for a couple days–seeing family, even just for a few moments, was such a blessing. The Lord works so well. They were so sweet and it was fun to show them an hour of my church day:) Tender mercy, hugs and love and reassurance and fuel to keep going and going with a smile and a song. I love them.
Jay, Jenn and boys meet Jess in Antwerp!
Today we will be going to the beautiful city of Brugge and also Gent, with the whole zone of 30-ish missionaries. 🙂 Fun fun!
Love you all, thank you thank you thank you thank you!
Zr Faa
canal in Antwerpen

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