Loving Antwerpen

What a week. Left Beloved Breda and was dropped off in Belgium! In the huge, huge, huge city of Antwerp!
Welcome to Antwerp!

Blessings of the week:

my companion, lovely and spunky Zr Maughan (said, mawn)

talking with Zr Maughan

Zuster Maughn

the ward!

playing the piano at a baptism yesterday

singing with Zr Maughan

singing alto with our ward choir

serving in a city with 4 elders

serving with 2 elders who know Antwerpen

Jasmine said goodbye at Breda Station

Ethlyn (from Den Haag) came to Rotterdam to say goodbye!

Zr Huber is in Belgium, as well

Zr Robbins is training down here in Belgium!

The internet is holding out here until I finish this email

They don´´t have cruesli, but they have cereal

Belgium isn´´t as bad as I thought

We are being led to where we need to go and to people

Dinner appointment yesterday with a wonderful elderly couple

Flemmish is really like Dutch, just fast and with an Irish accent

Zr Maughan likes jogging in the mornings

We can unlock our door (it´s crazy, really.)

We biked 20+ miles Saturday

We got a referral!

I can still sing and talk with/to my companion

I am loving my life right now.


Alofa ia te oi!

Ik hou van jullie!

ich liebe dich!

Zr Faa


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