Transferred to Antwerp!

Well, I was 100% sure that I would be staying in Breda for at least one more transfer. I actually wanted that pretty badly. There is so much that I love here. So much. So much! And not just things, but people. People here are amazing. But THE LORD has a different plan for me. I will be leaving beloved Breda for Belgium! Antwerpen! And I am ok with this. It´s making me a little stressed, but I am excited to serve in new place–a new country!!

This week…..
 Zuster Jaramillo in hospital
TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY–Coming home from a dinner appt, my poor Zr Jaramillo fell off her bike. We called an ambulance and it came and took us to the hospital, where we stayed the night. Thank goodness that we had 4 elders with us! They gave us blessings and stayed at the hospital until 11pm. We also had our ward mission leader and his 26 yr old daughter with us until midnight. Then we met our new mission president and wife! They ate lunch with us at the hospital cafeteria, then left to go back to Amsterdam. They are so sweet and so inspired. Helped our spirits stay happy and positive.
SUNDAY–Transfer calls! I´ll be going to Belgium! Woot woot!
TODAY–Said goodbye to Sarindi, who cried when I told him I was leaving. He told me that I´ve blessed his life because I brought him the Gospel. I tried to tell him it was the Spirit and the Lord is in charge and knows him, but he stopped me and said that the Lord sent me to Breda just for him. He bore his testimony, then said a prayer for me to be safe and at peace. I will miss this man so much. He and Jasmine have changed my life.
the Lord is blessing me so much, and the people around me!
Zr Faa

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