This week…

Sarindi received the priesthood! He is inspiring. He wants to serve a mission in Suriname ASAP, and he asked if he can go to the temple, and if Zr Robbins and I can be there with him. 🙂 ah!
A cross
This week went by really fast! again! I am 8 months out on my mission today, and I don´t feel very old. Transfers are next week and that´s exciting!
I gave a talk yesterday. My first in Dutch. I had it written out and I was given 5 minutes (so piece of cake, basically, my testimony!) BUT—I stand up and greet them with Talofa! and the Spirit told me to not open my journal and not read or say what I had planned. Yikes! I just..well, opened my mouth and something came out. I talked about Dad and how he taught me how to work, but also how he taught his young men about respecting the priesthood power. I talked about how I´ve seen it used in my life and how I have felt the power of the priesthood in my life. I testified that it was restored for the good of man and that man should use it to the best of their ability, then let God to the rest. I mentioned missionary work and the power it has in our lives, and how
Wij zijn niet geroepen om allen op de bank te zitten.
That means “We are not called to only sit on the couch.”
And it´s so true. Yes, I take a lunch nap, but after lunch, I get up and out and go to work until we come in at 9:30 and then sleep and then wake up to a new work day. Crazy life.
Zr Jaramillo and I found out she only has 25 weeks left on her mission. Oh my golly. That´s crazy!!! Wow. Time flies. The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways. I´m a Mormon.
Zr Jaramillo
And I love you all!!
Zr Jess Faa

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