Biking in the rain– glasses don’t have windshield wipers!

This week has been the rollar coaster Wicked in Lagoon, Farmington, UT. Monday blasted off and I was ready for a great week. There were ups and downs and gushes of good, wonderful moments, and then gushes of “I´m gonna be sick” and then — it´s over. It´s over and I step off last week to get on the ride for this week. Maybe it´ll be Colossus. Maybe the Spider. Hopefully not Wild Mouse.

Whichever rollarcoaster it may become, I´ll take it. I´ll get in, strap myself in, and fly. Maybe it´ll be the swings! Or the skyride! Well, actually, nah, I don´t wanna just sit–I mean, there has to be moments where I can pause and enjoy the little things around me–but I´m not here to let it all go by and before I know it, I´m off the ride. I want to enjoy this journey. I want to have the thrills and the highs and the lows–that´s what make up a good ride.
biking in the rain selfie
This week… This week. Man, it´s Monday again! Ah! Time is really flying and it scares me. It scares me a lot.
But today, in the pouring, pouring rain, while my companion was riding in the drenching downpour, and while I was dripping everywhere, I laughed. I took off my hood, let go of the handlebars (for a second; puddles of the bikepaths are dangerous), and sang at the top of my choral lungs “The Day Dawn is Breaking” (hymn #52). I couldn´t believe what I was hearing. But, I could sure as heck feel it. It was literally a beautiful day. I just had to sing about it! 🙂
Also, I read President Uchtdorf´s talk “Forget Me Not”
Forget not to be patient with yourself
Forget not the diference between a god sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice
Forget not to be happy now
Forget not the “why” of the gospel
Forget not that the Lord loves you
Forget me not flowers are all over Breda! I love them. I see them and point them out and my companions say, “what is that? it´s too small.” Ha! Well, that´s ok. I can see them and I love them.
They are a reminder to me that even the little, little moments are so precious and beautiful. I love them and am trying to cherish them and enjoy them and notice them. It´s wonderful. It´s a beautiful, bright [rainy] day!
Love you all !!!:)
Zr Jess Faa

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