Jess, Zr Robinson and Zr JaramilloJess, Zuster Robinson and Zuster Jaramillo

Well well well, we went to Antwerpen on this freaky, rickety train! Turns out that this is the only train from Belgium that looks like this, so that´s good! haha, what fun.

Train covered in Dutch graffiti

We had a wonderful, wonderful zone training! Said our goodbyes to Zr and President Robinson and didn´t get back to Breda until 8pm! wow, what a day. On the way to the Antwerpen zrs apartment (there are currently no sisters there, and I was the only one who had ever been there before) you see this Bread Automaat. It is hilarious! haha, but ingenious:)  Brood

This week, I´ve learned to love. It´s good to learn and it´s good to live, but if you don´t love, you can´t really give.
I love Breda. I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to serve here with my Arubian companion, Zr Jaramillo. She is inspiring and I learn new things everyday! We have had a lot of good talks and some long laughs. I am grateful for her and for her wisdom. I am grateful for our ward! It´s amazing! I´m grateful for Jasmine, who opened up to us about her life and just loves the Lord so much and wants to do what´s right. I´m grateful for Sarindi who is so humble and willing to learn and serve. I am grateful for his prayers; he gives such beautiful prayers. You can tell they are sincere. I am grateful for bikes without flat tires, but I´m also grateful for buses when you do have flat tires. I am grateful for cereal, my comfort food. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon, where I find answers, peace, and love. I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and His Father who created the Plan of Happiness. I am grateful for temples! I am grateful for hymns.
I´m grateful for all of YOU! And I love you all.
Thank you for loving me and helping me and praying or me. I´ve felt it this week.
Zr Faa

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