Teaching in Breda

ice cream

Jasmine came with us to a lesson and said “Man, I wish I had a name tag like you guys!” Well, I always have my spare in my bag, so I gave it to her 🙂 fun fun. She is a golden investigator! She bore her testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday! After only 3 weeks of coming to church! She is such a beautiful example of a follower of Christ. She loves Him and said she has finally found her Church family, here! Haha, I love this woman. It will be one really, really hard goodbye, whenever that it—but we´ve promised she´ll teach me how to dance when we´re resurrected haha!!

Zr Watts–is my new sister training leader. She is so sweet. We got ice cream in the park after contacting people there. Wow! The sweet little old lady selling the ice cream with her little cart asked us what we were doing, saw our name badges and asked for our cones back. I was suprised and a little scared. What? She´s taking them back because we´re missionaries.  Zr Watts and I both thought, “We can´t have ice cream because we´re Mormon?!” BUT, then the old lady plopped another huge scoop onto our cones!
Guess what Gramps? We taught a man named Eugene yesterday! Only, you pronounce it ay-oo-jin. Haha, he seems pretty positive. We have a lesson Friday!
Love you all!
Zr Faa

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