Octopus and a wedding

eating octopusJessica ate octopus and enjoyed it!  Fale is so proud.
Zr Jaramillo:) Wow, she´s so cool! She loves loves loves to cook and is amazing at throwing things together. She has been to Breda on exchanges, so she knows some of the members already and they just love her! She goes home in December.
Jasmine came to church again! We cried together during the Mormon Message “Because He Lives” haha, good times. Then, she came to the Murton´s with us for dinner!! So good:) She is one of my favorite people here in Breda:) AH, I just love her:)
Sarindi received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday🙂 and Radjin. Wow, the gospel is such a blessing. We saw Sarindi today, reading the Book of Mormon in the park. Just sitting there, reading in the park. Haha, he told us if he had the guts he would stand up and start preaching to the people there, like Alma and Amulek and Ammom and Aaron! Ah! Sarindi! I love the heart of that man!
Well, the Gospel is going forth. I´m getting better Dutch and better biker´s muscles.
Also! I played for Alina´s wedding! I played Cristofori´s Dream for about 100 people. It made Alina cry! Oh that woman:) She´s been a great help to me here in Breda. I was honored that she asked me to play at her wedding reception. #ilovemusic
Alina and her husband DaanAlina on her wedding day!
Wow, I just used a hash-tag. Haha.
Love life and laugh hard:) liefs!
Zr Faa

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