This week…

Sarindi received the priesthood! He is inspiring. He wants to serve a mission in Suriname ASAP, and he asked if he can go to the temple, and if Zr Robbins and I can be there with him. 🙂 ah!
A cross
This week went by really fast! again! I am 8 months out on my mission today, and I don´t feel very old. Transfers are next week and that´s exciting!
I gave a talk yesterday. My first in Dutch. I had it written out and I was given 5 minutes (so piece of cake, basically, my testimony!) BUT—I stand up and greet them with Talofa! and the Spirit told me to not open my journal and not read or say what I had planned. Yikes! I just..well, opened my mouth and something came out. I talked about Dad and how he taught me how to work, but also how he taught his young men about respecting the priesthood power. I talked about how I´ve seen it used in my life and how I have felt the power of the priesthood in my life. I testified that it was restored for the good of man and that man should use it to the best of their ability, then let God to the rest. I mentioned missionary work and the power it has in our lives, and how
Wij zijn niet geroepen om allen op de bank te zitten.
That means “We are not called to only sit on the couch.”
And it´s so true. Yes, I take a lunch nap, but after lunch, I get up and out and go to work until we come in at 9:30 and then sleep and then wake up to a new work day. Crazy life.
Zr Jaramillo and I found out she only has 25 weeks left on her mission. Oh my golly. That´s crazy!!! Wow. Time flies. The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways. I´m a Mormon.
Zr Jaramillo
And I love you all!!
Zr Jess Faa

Biking in the rain– glasses don’t have windshield wipers!

This week has been the rollar coaster Wicked in Lagoon, Farmington, UT. Monday blasted off and I was ready for a great week. There were ups and downs and gushes of good, wonderful moments, and then gushes of “I´m gonna be sick” and then — it´s over. It´s over and I step off last week to get on the ride for this week. Maybe it´ll be Colossus. Maybe the Spider. Hopefully not Wild Mouse.

Whichever rollarcoaster it may become, I´ll take it. I´ll get in, strap myself in, and fly. Maybe it´ll be the swings! Or the skyride! Well, actually, nah, I don´t wanna just sit–I mean, there has to be moments where I can pause and enjoy the little things around me–but I´m not here to let it all go by and before I know it, I´m off the ride. I want to enjoy this journey. I want to have the thrills and the highs and the lows–that´s what make up a good ride.
biking in the rain selfie
This week… This week. Man, it´s Monday again! Ah! Time is really flying and it scares me. It scares me a lot.
But today, in the pouring, pouring rain, while my companion was riding in the drenching downpour, and while I was dripping everywhere, I laughed. I took off my hood, let go of the handlebars (for a second; puddles of the bikepaths are dangerous), and sang at the top of my choral lungs “The Day Dawn is Breaking” (hymn #52). I couldn´t believe what I was hearing. But, I could sure as heck feel it. It was literally a beautiful day. I just had to sing about it! 🙂
Also, I read President Uchtdorf´s talk “Forget Me Not”
Forget not to be patient with yourself
Forget not the diference between a god sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice
Forget not to be happy now
Forget not the “why” of the gospel
Forget not that the Lord loves you
Forget me not flowers are all over Breda! I love them. I see them and point them out and my companions say, “what is that? it´s too small.” Ha! Well, that´s ok. I can see them and I love them.
They are a reminder to me that even the little, little moments are so precious and beautiful. I love them and am trying to cherish them and enjoy them and notice them. It´s wonderful. It´s a beautiful, bright [rainy] day!
Love you all !!!:)
Zr Jess Faa


Jess, Zr Robinson and Zr JaramilloJess, Zuster Robinson and Zuster Jaramillo

Well well well, we went to Antwerpen on this freaky, rickety train! Turns out that this is the only train from Belgium that looks like this, so that´s good! haha, what fun.

Train covered in Dutch graffiti

We had a wonderful, wonderful zone training! Said our goodbyes to Zr and President Robinson and didn´t get back to Breda until 8pm! wow, what a day. On the way to the Antwerpen zrs apartment (there are currently no sisters there, and I was the only one who had ever been there before) you see this Bread Automaat. It is hilarious! haha, but ingenious:)  Brood

This week, I´ve learned to love. It´s good to learn and it´s good to live, but if you don´t love, you can´t really give.
I love Breda. I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to serve here with my Arubian companion, Zr Jaramillo. She is inspiring and I learn new things everyday! We have had a lot of good talks and some long laughs. I am grateful for her and for her wisdom. I am grateful for our ward! It´s amazing! I´m grateful for Jasmine, who opened up to us about her life and just loves the Lord so much and wants to do what´s right. I´m grateful for Sarindi who is so humble and willing to learn and serve. I am grateful for his prayers; he gives such beautiful prayers. You can tell they are sincere. I am grateful for bikes without flat tires, but I´m also grateful for buses when you do have flat tires. I am grateful for cereal, my comfort food. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon, where I find answers, peace, and love. I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and His Father who created the Plan of Happiness. I am grateful for temples! I am grateful for hymns.
I´m grateful for all of YOU! And I love you all.
Thank you for loving me and helping me and praying or me. I´ve felt it this week.
Zr Faa

Teaching in Breda

ice cream

Jasmine came with us to a lesson and said “Man, I wish I had a name tag like you guys!” Well, I always have my spare in my bag, so I gave it to her 🙂 fun fun. She is a golden investigator! She bore her testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday! After only 3 weeks of coming to church! She is such a beautiful example of a follower of Christ. She loves Him and said she has finally found her Church family, here! Haha, I love this woman. It will be one really, really hard goodbye, whenever that it—but we´ve promised she´ll teach me how to dance when we´re resurrected haha!!

Zr Watts–is my new sister training leader. She is so sweet. We got ice cream in the park after contacting people there. Wow! The sweet little old lady selling the ice cream with her little cart asked us what we were doing, saw our name badges and asked for our cones back. I was suprised and a little scared. What? She´s taking them back because we´re missionaries.  Zr Watts and I both thought, “We can´t have ice cream because we´re Mormon?!” BUT, then the old lady plopped another huge scoop onto our cones!
Guess what Gramps? We taught a man named Eugene yesterday! Only, you pronounce it ay-oo-jin. Haha, he seems pretty positive. We have a lesson Friday!
Love you all!
Zr Faa

Octopus and a wedding

eating octopusJessica ate octopus and enjoyed it!  Fale is so proud.
Zr Jaramillo:) Wow, she´s so cool! She loves loves loves to cook and is amazing at throwing things together. She has been to Breda on exchanges, so she knows some of the members already and they just love her! She goes home in December.
Jasmine came to church again! We cried together during the Mormon Message “Because He Lives” haha, good times. Then, she came to the Murton´s with us for dinner!! So good:) She is one of my favorite people here in Breda:) AH, I just love her:)
Sarindi received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday🙂 and Radjin. Wow, the gospel is such a blessing. We saw Sarindi today, reading the Book of Mormon in the park. Just sitting there, reading in the park. Haha, he told us if he had the guts he would stand up and start preaching to the people there, like Alma and Amulek and Ammom and Aaron! Ah! Sarindi! I love the heart of that man!
Well, the Gospel is going forth. I´m getting better Dutch and better biker´s muscles.
Also! I played for Alina´s wedding! I played Cristofori´s Dream for about 100 people. It made Alina cry! Oh that woman:) She´s been a great help to me here in Breda. I was honored that she asked me to play at her wedding reception. #ilovemusic
Alina and her husband DaanAlina on her wedding day!
Wow, I just used a hash-tag. Haha.
Love life and laugh hard:) liefs!
Zr Faa