Happy in Breda

Zr Thomas and Robbins and FaaZuster Thomas, Zuster Robbins and Zuster Faasavalu

Sarindi is getting baptized on 24 May! Ah! This man is so golden. I do not mean that lightly or casually: I mean it full-heartedly. He is so good.

We had a lesson with him Sunday with our new ward mission leader at the ward mission leader´s house and…wow. A bond formed between these two and it was very special to see how the Spirit filled the room. Normally, we´ve taught Sarindi with antoher sister at the church, but yesterday was amazing. I have never ever felt the spirit so strongly as I did during that lesson. These two big men are crying and Zr Robbins and I jus tlook at each other and we both thought “is this really happening? Are we really a part of this?” Wow.
With two investigators
It is absolutely amazing to see the change in people. You think you get it with someone, but I watched Sarindi walk into the church building on 26 April and I can´t wait to see him walk into the waters of baptism on 24 May. He is a gift. He told us he wants to be a missionary like us some day and that he wants to endure as long and through as many hard things as the Lord would have him endure, if he can only get to the celestial kingdom and see his Heavenly Father. 
His prayers…..His prayers are SO SINCERE! It´s truly amazing what this man has done in his life in the past month to change his life. He loves this gospel so much, he studies from the Book of Mormon 2 hours a day! Ah! He prays for protection every moment and writes down his prayers when he thinks it isn´t safe to say them outloud or look like he´s praying. Wow. He´s amazing. 
And! Lucie and Rosanne are getting baptized this Saturday 23 May! We get to go back to Zoetermeer!!!!! Yayayaaayayayayay!
love you all!
Zr Faa

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