Life! is great

Jessica and Becky Jachau

Wow, the mission……

Skype! was just amazing:) I loved it. It was hard to say goodbye, then figure out that I should´ve listend to my family more than talk (I´m always talking……..:/ ) but, it was great. Zr Robbins and I sang for them and it was wonderful to see my family smile:)
Rivers! Oh man, we had to cross this river and we decided instead of going around, we would just jump the rocks:) lovely idea. Almost slipped, but didn´t. Ha! Crazy times, but great times. Talk about courage. I can go knock doors for 3 hours and have people say no only so many times, but I can’t make a tiny jump to the next boulder….. wow. Yeah, that was a great day.
crossing rivers by rocks
Baptisms! Wow. We have two prepared people who want to be baptized on the 24 of May. So cool! I am so excited. So excited. They are such good men who want to come closer to God. I am excited to see where it leads! Teaching these miracle men makes me realize how precious the prepared people really are. It brings tears to my eyes (as most things do nowadays) to think about them and their journey to God. They even corrected a member who had said “I know the Church is true” to “I know the Gospel is true” Wow. They are SO COOL! Man, I can’t handle it. Each lesson is bam bam bam of amazing moments. Ah! These two best friends have changed my life because they are willing to change theirs.
Life! is great! Wow, Breda is bee-you-tee-full. Amazing. I really hope I stay here a long time. It’s quite miraculous. haha….
love you all!
Zr Faa

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