Cookies and Miracles

First, the cookies….

Apparently I make really good cookies. HA! For district leader council, the zone leaders asked me to make some. So we did. They were flat and ugly and just terrible, but tasted good!  I called my mission mother, Zr Thomas, and she said I needed more baking soda. So I added a little bit to the new batter and voila! beautiful “outrageous” (according to one of the zone leaders) cookies. It was hilarious making them. 4 batches of terrible, 3 batches of outrageous:) hahahaha, good times….

Then the miracle!
Zr Robbins, Zr Jauchau and jess in Breda

Zr Juchau!!! I love this woman, my friend and sister. She came to Breda with her cute mama and helped me so much just with her smile, testimony, Dutch, and laugh. Man, I love her. I needed her hugs. She was a wonderful teacher and I can tell she just wants to be a missionary. I´d take her for a companion in less than a heartbeat. We talked with a man named Mohammed with her and her mother as a joint teach! ah! It was so cool–she had met him about a year ago when she served in Breda!
Zr Faa and Robbins with Capri Suns

Oh the miracles. Mother´s Day is next week. My cookies turned out. I saw Zr Juchau. Ah. Life is good.

Love you!

Zr Faa

A lot of Book of Mormons!Dicks Market puzzleA duckMaking cookies


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