eating Stoopwaffle

My bike has it´s first flat tire. Ugh. No fun. BUT, I experienced achterroeping for the first time. It´s where you sit on the back of your companion´s bike while she pedals. It´s wonderfully fun and scary. But cool. To get on, though, you have to jump on while the person who is biking is moving, so it´s a guessing game. But apparently I´m good at it! haha. yup. fun fun.
Also, saying good bye to Den Haag and my district there was sad. 😦 but I know for sure I will see the sisters again in September/October, so yeah. Oh Den Haag. Special place in my heart!
But, yes. New people! New miracles! New life! So fun and exciting and everything else is great:)
Lucie's sewing machine 2Jess totally knows the pictures that will win their way to my heart!!!!  –Jenny

Lucie has a beautiful sewing machine!

ALSO—-Her and her daughter Rosanne are getting baptized 23 may!!!!! YES! I am so excited!!!

Zr Robbins in Breda

Zr Robbins is literally a miracle! She and I have got along great! It´s such a blessing!   Ha ha, well, I did get a sort of stomach flu last Wednesday night to Saturday morning, but, hey, I´m alive and I´m great!
Zr Robbins w JessJess thinks Zuster Robbins looks like her Aunt Tracy  🙂

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