Transfers, Tulips and Cows

Beautiful tulipsSittin' in the tulips!Poor Zr RileySad Zr RileyCracking an egg on Zuster Riley’s head for an object lesson!

Well well well, another week in beautiful Holland–well, not for long! I’ll get to that later:) haha

On Wednesday, thank goodness to Betsy, we went to the temple! Wow–blessings in the temple! Hearing it all in Dutch was simply a-ma-zing. Really though. The spirit was so strong and I was so grateful for the Savior and His Sacrifice, and also grateful for my Heavenly Father. Wow. Pure happiness can be found in the temple. I couldn’t help but think, “Got Happiness?” if not, go there! 🙂 Wow!!!! All of my mission so far has been riding past the magnificent temple every day and then I finally get to go inside! Wonderous, glorious–alles! 🙂
Nederlands temple
Also, Zr Young and I worked at Wouters Farm together! I might have mentioned that… maybe not.
Zr Young and Faa with the cows
After the temple, we went to Keukenhof! A beautiful place full of FLOWERS! Tulips, lillies, orchids, and sooooooo many other kinds that I was thinking, “Nery! We should order these!” haha, Nery is my backdoor neighbor and she’ll understand what I’m talking about:) haha man, I loved that place. Good times:) Beautiful times!
Elder Thomas and Zr Faa mucking stalls
Well, then Zr Riley, Elder Harrop, Elder Thomas and I went to Wouter’s (my last time! Ah! so sad.) And that was fantastic–it took 2 hours to clear a single stall of poop! Talk about callouses on your hands! Haha, and a very, very bad smell following you. Baha, very fun, though. Wouter is an amazing person and I promised I would go back and help him (and take you, Dad!) and he said I’m always welcome–woot!
Pres and Sis Robinson and JessPresident and Sister Robinson
Met an amazing family this week. American, 6 kids, and they want to know more about eternal families! What a wonderful opportunity! I talked to the mom, Jennifer, for almost 2 hours (while making sure her twin 9month old boys didn’t go down the stairs) about the temple and promises and joy and happiness and my life and school and mission life and my family and wow, it was like I was at home talking to one of my young women leaders! We were just friends, after meeting for the first time on her doorstep. She is so strong and she is very interested in having all of her kids with her in Heaven. Her kids are adorable and her house is gigantic, for a European home, and my oh my, amazing. Just great. I can’t wait to hear more about their story. I’m so sad I won’t be there, because……
I’m going to Breda! I will be working with Zr Robbins, another Sister Training Leader over the Eindhoven Zone. She is the same mission age as Zr Thomas and I have met her a couple times at Zrs and Temple Conf–I love her already! So excited! The Dutch is a bit different there because it’s more southern in the Netherlands (I am leaving the region they call Holland), but I am SO excited!!! Woot! Gotta go pack now, but…. tot ziens, I’ll be in a different place next week! Whoa. Weird. Love you!
Zr Faa
Mos's spaghettiSpaghetti with Mos!
Zr Riley, Jess and Wouter
Zuster Faa, Zuster Riley and Wouter

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