Special Delivery from Holland– “I met your missionary”

This post is from Zuster Faasavalu’s mom, Jenny:

Two amazing phone calls on the same day!   Two amazing women from Utah who traveled to Holland, never met each other, but each met our daughter, Jessica, who is serving in the Zoetermeer area.    At the beginning of Jessica’s mission I heard of a parent who received a text message from a member who wanted to send a photo to let the parents know their daughter was doing well.   I SO wanted to receive one of those texts!   And I did!    Then another, then another.   Then an email with photos attached and then another email from a different person with photos!    Ask and ye shall receive………..

Holland delivery 003Lisa went to Zoetermeer to visit her son and met Jess at church.   Lisa offered to bring something home for us.   Jess sent her with this little windmill and some chocolate!    Lisa grew up in Woods Cross and had that instant connection with Jess.    I was touched by her words, “The minute I met your daughter, I felt like I’d known her forever.”     Thank you, Lisa!!!

Later that same day I received a phone call from Johanna.  She was in Zoetermeer visiting family and spent 3 Sundays with Jess.   She brought us each a letter and a little package for Jake.   Thank you Johanna!!!!

Holland delivery 005I am so blessed to be a mother of a missionary and so grateful for all those wonderful people who have taken the time to bless my life by sending me a photo, an email or a hand delivered package!     I hope to remember these blessing forever and share it forward.  🙂


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