Nutella Pizza!

Zr Riley and Fa at pizza placeThis week went by fast, now that I’m looking back–but during the week, it went very slow.

We had the Zoetermeer/Rotterdam Easter Concert yesterday. It was amazing. Blew my mind! And my ears! Haha, at the last minute, I was asked to lead the 40 missionaries and practice the song with them. That was interesting, but then, about ten minutes before we were going to sing, Elder Conati ran in and thankfully took over and I’ve heard that we sounded great, so success! Ah, I love singing. We sang hymn 29 with hymn 136 and man, it was powerful. So grateful for the Spirit and music.
SATURDAY: Travelled to Hillegom, a tiny dorpje (village) between Leiden and Haarlem, an hour train ride, to visit a less-active from the Wassenaar English Ward. She was amazing. We had no idea if she’d be home, or even let us in, but she was home and she did have us come in and we talked for almost two hours! But we had to catch a bus at 8:11pm or else we would have to wait until the next one came at 9:11pm–so it was kind of short, but needed. Very, very good visit and we will be going out there again soon! Suzanne is her name, and she is precious. Very faithful. Very strong testimony. Just needs to get to the church:)
I’m doing great! haha the Lord is with me.
Love you:)
“Zr Faa”savalu
Sis missionaries in Zoetermeer

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