Tender Mercies

Flowers Jess bought for herselfFlowers Jess bought for super cheap   (LOVE the windmill, snow globe and the quilted purse!)


1st – I mastered no hands! 🙂 Wish I got a video or pic of it, but alas, forgive me.

Funny how I feel like that was one major highlight of the week. I figured out how to hold & read our map while biking, with no hands! Haha, oh and add eating an apple:) baha, next will be bike-surfing (with hands, don’tworry. Zr Riley does it all the time and I don’t think I’ll have the guts or balance to do it haha…)

Netherlands temple at night

2nd – Angela came to the Muziekavond last week and we didn’t even know! We had an appt with her on Tuesday and we asked her why she didn’t come and she said “I was there! We came late and I didn’t want to come in and interrupt, so we sat in my car with the windows down. (The windows in the chapel were open because it was really warm, so she heard the whole thing! She said she cried and cried and really felt the spirit and she wants to got to the one in Rotterdam next month with some friends!!!) Ah!!! So excited! Oh, and she got hot pink woolen dreadlocks! She’s amazing. So prepared!

3rd – Lucie and her daughter Rosanne want to be baptized!!! Ah!! We were just so happy when we talked about it! They want all the lessons again first, so it will be at minimum 4 weeks before the baptism, but ah! Wow! Lots of prepared people, even the amazingpeople who have been taking the lessons for years. But Zoetermeer is a wonderful ward. I remember when Ifirst came in and I thought Lucie was a long-time member; Iwas thoroughly surprised that she was not! But her heart is so soft and she is so ready! 😀

Jess in Zoetermeer

4th – the little beauties of life make me so happy. Like a beautiful river I had never come across before in Zoetermeer. Or a bright neon orange sun this morning. Even a dreaded evil waterkip made me smile this week.

Catholic Church in Den HaagCatholic Church in Den Haag

Love you all! Thank you all for your prayers!


“Zr Fa”asavalu (the Dutch spell it with one ‘a’)

A side note from Jessica’s mother:

I wanted to share a tender mercy I received this past week.   I sent Jess this email on Sunday:

“I just woke up from dreaming I was with you in the Netherlands!   It was like I was invisible, I was just following you around.    Once I picked up your appointment book and you had a list of subjects and underneath them you had ways to talk about those subjects in Dutch.    ‘Dinosaurs’ was one of your subjects and that made me smile!  I felt like you wrote that so you could talk to little kids and tell them your brother likes dinosaurs, too.    I was so happy to see you zooming around your city, interacting with people.  I saw you lock your bike up and go into a home.  I saw you approach a man on the street and talk with him.   I was so happy you were wearing your hair down, so everyone could see your beautiful curls.”

She sent me this reply today:

“Wow. I read that email and…wow. Ma, that all happened! I’m not even kidding. We were planning on going to Rumi’s house and talk to him and the last time we went he was playing a dinosaur video game. I was hoping to talk to him about it. We ended up not going, so that’s when I talked to the man! My ponytail broke and I didn’t grab an extra one, so my hair was everywhere! oh man. oh man.”


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