Life After Transfers

Jess at Bagels and Beans


Deze week…tjonge-jonge…well……
1-Gezinsavond (FHE) met familie Rahman van Eeden! We had a wonderful dinner and FHE with this wonderful family! Zr RvE served her mission in Salt Lake, at Temple Square, which is a sisters-only mission! I can’t remember where Bro. RvE served, but it was an elders-only mission, so its just kind of funny. They have 3 little boys who reminded me of my little brother, Jake, at the different stages of boyhood:) haha. Sorry the pic is a little blurry! We played Pictionary and Maurits, their oldest boy, picked his own words–it was basically language study for me because I didn’t know what 1/2 (well, no–all but one) of the words were! Haha! My family wouldn’t have laughed at me, even though they wouldn’t know what the words were, either… Anyway, it was great! I drew “zuster zendelingen“–pretty easy–and “roodcapje“–red riding-hood– and “een gat“–a cave/hole! Fun fun. My lovely mission mother/trainer, Zr Thomas was with me then.
Jess games w family in Zoetermeer
2-District bijeenkomst en Vapiano’s…..well, our last district meeting of the transfer always includes Vapiano’s! I look at it and think “Faa’s piano” haha! Its a yummy place, if I hadn’t already told you about it last transfer… haha. Oh well, it’s still worth talking about. We ate there, then went and got a pretty good picture! haha our district… now completely changed! Well, almost. 2 sisters and 4 elders stayed the same, all the rest left!
First District in Zoetermeer 
3-Overplaatsingen………Nieuwe collega, Zr Riley! Oh golly, I love this zuster:) I apologize for not getting a pic, but she has one that she’ll send me in a little bit. Yup–I said goodbye to Zr Thomas and that was really hard. Really hard. I had to watch the train leave for Belgium from Leiden and know even if I ran and yelled her name and asked her which train do I take to get back home (to Zoetermeer, ha-ha), that she wouldn’t answer…..So I stood in the train station with a bunch of elders watching my trainer go all the way to Antwerpen without me. Thank goodness Zr Bradley (from my Den Haag days) and Ethlyn (amazing member from Den Haag) were there, too. I would have gone insane. I waited from 9:30am (when Zr Thomas’ train left) to 4:45 for a companion–and then I got her! Oh Zr Riley:) She is a gem, and she speaks Vlaams! Haha.
Jess and Zr Riley Zr Thomas at Bagels and Beans
4-Musiekale Avond met Musiekale Zendelingen….wow. Saturday and Sunday nights were amazing. We had the music elders’ fireside. The spirit filled the Zoetermeer building and man. Amazing. I can’t explain it very well, sorry! haha… But, you know me and music. My dear friend and music advisor Norma Jensen would have loved it. I pictured her and my family sitting with me, in this Holland American-ized chapel, listening to the music of the spirit and vice versa. oh man. Amazing. Very, very special moments were had there.
Well, that’s all for now, folks! I should learn how to say that in Dutch. Hmm.
Ik hou van je!
Zr Faasavalu:)

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