Transfers, Apple Pie and a canal

apple pie in ZoetermeerWell, end of another transfer!

I’ll be staying in Zoetermeer and my new companion will be Zr Riley! Zr Thomas will be going to Antwerpen to be work with one of my dear friends Zr Young! Wow! Crazy times.
Apple pie, Dutch style! and a lovely walk to Zr van der Scheer’s ūüôā beautiful, toch?
This week I found one of my new favorite scriptures–Ephesians 5:18-19

18 …¬†be¬†filled¬†with¬†the¬†Spirit;

 19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns andspiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heartto the Lord;

Yep, this scripture is divine:) haha, very me:)

And…even kijke…oh! We totally taught a RAD (a first lesson) to a very cool man named Roberto. He gave us his information, let us pray with him, and we hopefully can set an appointment this week! haha:) Miracles.

Zone conference this week reminded me of one of my other favorite scriptures, Mark 5:36. I have to just go forward and literally give myself to the Lord. His work is more important than my complaints right now:) haha.

Well, I get to stay in Sweet Lake City and I get to be with my Mission Mom on her birthday (tomorrow)! Woot!!

Tot ziens:) Love you all!

“Zr. Faa”savalu

canal in Zoetermeer


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