Nutella Pizza!

Zr Riley and Fa at pizza placeThis week went by fast, now that I’m looking back–but during the week, it went very slow.

We had the Zoetermeer/Rotterdam Easter Concert yesterday. It was amazing. Blew my mind! And my ears! Haha, at the last minute, I was asked to lead the 40 missionaries and practice the song with them. That was interesting, but then, about ten minutes before we were going to sing, Elder Conati ran in and thankfully took over and I’ve heard that we sounded great, so success! Ah, I love singing. We sang hymn 29 with hymn 136 and man, it was powerful. So grateful for the Spirit and music.
SATURDAY: Travelled to Hillegom, a tiny dorpje (village) between Leiden and Haarlem, an hour train ride, to visit a less-active from the Wassenaar English Ward. She was amazing. We had no idea if she’d be home, or even let us in, but she was home and she did have us come in and we talked for almost two hours! But we had to catch a bus at 8:11pm or else we would have to wait until the next one came at 9:11pm–so it was kind of short, but needed. Very, very good visit and we will be going out there again soon! Suzanne is her name, and she is precious. Very faithful. Very strong testimony. Just needs to get to the church:)
I’m doing great! haha the Lord is with me.
Love you:)
“Zr Faa”savalu
Sis missionaries in Zoetermeer

Zuster’s Conference

Zuster Faa, Thomas, and Fredrickson at Sister ConfWith Zusters Friedrickson and Thomas

Wow, this week dragged and flew at the same time. Crazy!


My dearest Zr Young and my wonderful Zr Thomas came and slept over Friday night. What a blessing and a treat to have two of my favorite missionaries/friends with me, all of us together! It was strange to eat at Zr van der Scheer’s with Zr Thomas again! And to have Zr Young there–I had always imagined sharing Zoetermeer with her, but never thought it would actually happen! Wow! The whole night, talking, laughing, catching up on everything and learning from each other…I kept having to blink and realize that it was actually happening! It went by wayyyy too fast, but that’s life I guess. haha.

I loved seeing Zrs…Kimmons, Frederickson, Huber (no pic, she refused), Micah Jones (no pic with my camera, sorry), and the other amazing Dutch zuster zendelingen (pic of everyone should be on the blog soon)! 40 of us strong. ūüôā What a blessing!

Green Pancakes for St Patricks in HollandGreen pancakes for St Patrick’s day

Mo and Faa at Sisters ConfWith Zuster Young

Tender Mercies

Flowers Jess bought for herselfFlowers Jess bought for super cheap   (LOVE the windmill, snow globe and the quilted purse!)


1st – I mastered no hands! ūüôā Wish I got a video or pic of it, but alas, forgive me.

Funny how I feel like that was one major highlight of the week. I figured out how to hold & read our map while biking, with no hands! Haha, oh and add eating an apple:) baha, next will be bike-surfing (with hands, don’tworry. Zr Riley does it all the time and I don’t think I’ll have the guts or balance to do it haha…)

Netherlands temple at night

2nd – Angela came to the Muziekavond last week and we didn’t even know! We had an appt with her on Tuesday and we asked her why she didn’t come and she said “I was there! We came late and I didn’t want to come in and interrupt, so we sat in my car with the windows down. (The windows in the chapel were open because it was really warm, so she heard the whole thing! She said she cried and cried and really felt the spirit and she wants to got to the one in Rotterdam next month with some friends!!!) Ah!!! So excited! Oh, and she got hot pink woolen dreadlocks! She’s amazing. So prepared!

3rd – Lucie and her daughter Rosanne want to be baptized!!! Ah!! We were just so happy when we talked about it! They want all the lessons again first, so it will be at minimum 4 weeks before the baptism, but ah! Wow! Lots of prepared people, even the amazingpeople who have been taking the lessons for years. But Zoetermeer is a wonderful ward. I remember when Ifirst came in and I thought Lucie was a long-time member; Iwas thoroughly surprised that she was not! But her heart is so soft and she is so ready! ūüėÄ

Jess in Zoetermeer

4th – the little beauties of life make me so happy. Like a beautiful river I had never come across before in Zoetermeer. Or a bright neon orange sun this morning. Even a dreaded evil waterkip made me smile this week.

Catholic Church in Den HaagCatholic Church in Den Haag

Love you all! Thank you all for your prayers!


“Zr Fa”asavalu (the Dutch spell it with one ‘a’)

A side note from Jessica’s mother:

I wanted to share a tender mercy I received this past week.   I sent Jess this email on Sunday:

“I just woke up from dreaming I was with you in the Netherlands!¬†¬† It was like I was invisible, I was just following you around.¬†¬†¬† Once I picked up your appointment book and you had a list of subjects and underneath them you had ways to talk about those subjects in Dutch.¬†¬†¬† ‘Dinosaurs’ was one of your subjects and that made me smile!¬† I felt like you wrote that so you could talk to little kids and tell them your brother likes dinosaurs, too. ¬†¬† I was so happy to see you zooming around your city, interacting with people.¬† I saw you lock your bike up and go into a home.¬† I saw you approach a man on the street and talk with him.¬†¬† I was so happy you were wearing your hair down, so everyone could see your beautiful curls.”

She sent me this reply today:

“Wow. I read that email and…wow. Ma, that all happened! I’m not even kidding. We were planning on going to Rumi’s house and talk to him and the last time we went he was playing a dinosaur video game. I was hoping to talk to him about it. We ended up not going, so that’s when I talked to the man! My ponytail broke and I didn’t grab an extra one, so my hair was everywhere! oh man. oh man.”

Life After Transfers

Jess at Bagels and Beans


Deze week…tjonge-jonge…well……
1-Gezinsavond¬†(FHE) met familie Rahman van Eeden! We had a wonderful dinner and FHE with this wonderful family! Zr RvE served her mission in Salt Lake, at Temple Square, which is a sisters-only mission! I can’t remember where Bro. RvE served, but it was an elders-only mission, so its just kind of funny. They have 3 little boys who reminded me of my little brother, Jake, at the different stages of boyhood:) haha. Sorry the pic is a little blurry! We played Pictionary and Maurits, their oldest boy, picked his own words–it was basically language study for me because I didn’t know what 1/2 (well, no–all but one) of the words were! Haha! My family wouldn’t have laughed at me, even though they wouldn’t know what the words were, either… Anyway, it was great! I drew “zuster zendelingen“–pretty easy–and “roodcapje“–red riding-hood– and “een gat“–a cave/hole! Fun fun. My lovely mission mother/trainer, Zr Thomas was with me then.
Jess games w family in Zoetermeer
2-District¬†bijeenkomst en Vapiano’s…..well, our last district meeting of the transfer always includes Vapiano’s! I look at it and think “Faa’s piano” haha! Its a yummy place, if I hadn’t already told you about it last transfer… haha. Oh well, it’s still worth talking about. We ate there, then went and got a pretty good picture! haha our district… now completely changed! Well, almost. 2 sisters and 4 elders stayed the same, all the rest left!
First District in Zoetermeer 
3-Overplaatsingen………Nieuwe collega, Zr Riley! Oh golly, I love this zuster:) I apologize for not getting a pic, but she has one that she’ll send me in a little bit. Yup–I said goodbye to Zr Thomas and that was really¬†hard. Really hard. I had to watch the train leave for Belgium from Leiden and know even if I ran and yelled her name and asked her which train do I take to get back home (to Zoetermeer, ha-ha), that she wouldn’t answer…..So I stood in the train station with a bunch of elders watching my trainer go all the way to Antwerpen without me. Thank goodness Zr Bradley (from my Den Haag days) and Ethlyn (amazing member from Den Haag) were there, too. I would have gone insane. I waited from 9:30am (when Zr Thomas’ train left) to 4:45 for a companion–and then I got her! Oh Zr Riley:) She is a gem, and she speaks Vlaams! Haha.
Jess and Zr Riley Zr Thomas at Bagels and Beans
4-Musiekale Avond met Musiekale Zendelingen….wow. Saturday and Sunday nights were amazing. We had the music elders’ fireside. The spirit filled the Zoetermeer building and man. Amazing. I can’t explain it very well, sorry! haha… But, you know me and music. My dear friend and music advisor Norma Jensen would have loved it. I pictured her and my family sitting with me, in this Holland American-ized chapel, listening to the music of the spirit and vice versa. oh man. Amazing. Very, very special moments were had there.
Well, that’s all for now, folks! I should learn how to say that in Dutch. Hmm.
Ik hou van je!
Zr Faasavalu:)

Transfers, Apple Pie and a canal

apple pie in ZoetermeerWell, end of another transfer!

I’ll be staying in Zoetermeer and my new companion will be Zr Riley! Zr Thomas will be going to Antwerpen to be work with one of my dear friends Zr Young! Wow! Crazy times.
Apple pie, Dutch style! and a lovely walk to Zr van der Scheer’s ūüôā beautiful, toch?
This week I found one of my new favorite scriptures–Ephesians 5:18-19

18 …¬†be¬†filled¬†with¬†the¬†Spirit;

 19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns andspiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heartto the Lord;

Yep, this scripture is divine:) haha, very me:)

And…even kijke…oh! We totally taught a RAD (a first lesson) to a very cool man named Roberto. He gave us his information, let us pray with him, and we hopefully can set an appointment this week! haha:) Miracles.

Zone conference this week reminded me of one of my other favorite scriptures, Mark 5:36. I have to just go forward and literally give myself to the Lord. His work is more important than my complaints right now:) haha.

Well, I get to stay in Sweet Lake City and I get to be with my Mission Mom on her birthday (tomorrow)! Woot!!

Tot ziens:) Love you all!

“Zr. Faa”savalu

canal in Zoetermeer