Two definitions of the Gift of Tongues

Jess eating a true Belgiun Waffle

Well well well, hallo iederen!

First–we met a warlock who is the son of a witch. They talked with some other sisters about a year ago (unfortunately they are not in our areabook), but they sound exciting! He literally said, “My mother’s a witch.” HAHA! We’ll see where that goes!

Second–Brussels again! Drove down to Belgium with Zrs Huber, Kimmons, Karlson, Goodman, & Hopkin, plus Elders Harp and Byers. It was quite a party. I got a legit Belgian Waffel!! woooot! Delicious!!!! Heerlijk🙂

Third–the Gift of Tongues, I’ve realized, has 2 definitions.

1st: Languages. Zr Thomas and I had exchanges with the Amsterdam sisters, so Zr Thomas left Zoetermeer and I stayed with Zr Karlson! We taught two great lessons all in Dutch and had a lot of fun at the temple enjoying the beautiful sunshine! Truly a blessed day. 

2nd: Taste. Believe it, Mom, I ate a whole plate of spaghetti!!


What a bomb week:)

Thank you for your prayers and support! I am feeling it out here in Zoetermeer/South-Holland!

Love you all!

Liefs, “Zr Faa”savalu

Jess on splits


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