Hard work and Harring

Beautiful canal in HOllandcanal in HOllandeating somethingValley in Hollandsunrise or sunset in Holland

Hallo van Zoetermeer! This week has been really good. Monday we went to Delft and I ate harring (its a tradition in the mission to eat this disgusting fish)! We also climbed an old church and the pic gives you the view:) And… well, last Pday was wonderful:) haha No funny elevator stories today, unfortunately. George, one of our potentials that we found last week, was taught a RAD this week. It went very well. He is so enthusiastic! So enthusiastic! Its amazing. We are excited to teach him the Plan of Salvation this week. Also, Zr Huber went back to Den Haag! I am sad to see her go–our trio was one of the best experiences I have yet to have on my mission (and yes, I realize I have a long time to go). I love her so much, she is strong and she is back with her assigned companion and is loving being back in her own city! Zr Thomas and I made panenkoeken yesterday for Sunday breakfast šŸ™‚ yummmmmm! Haha, we like being back to just us, but it is another adjustment. Surely the Lord in His wisdom is working me hard:) Love you all! Hymn #s…227,223, 270, 239, 240, 264, 249, 226, 230, 228, 124, 165, 144, 157. šŸ™‚ “Zr Faa”savalu


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