Trio in Zoetermeer

Jess and Barry from den Hague

A note from Jenny:  The mission president’s blog was finally updated.   Here is the link to see the new missionaries who arrived in December.  It’s kind of fun to see them, even though they have been at work in the country for two months now.

The latest update from Zuster Faa:


Wow. I’m in Holland! Preaching the Gospel! How crazy/cool/awesome/”whoa”/amazing/special/geweldig is that??
Pretty great.
The PICS are of a beautiful Holland sunset and of me and Barry (from Den Haag).
This week we found 4 really cool potentials, Edwin, Elsa, George, and Saiyd. Wow! They all were very enthusiastic about the Gospel and the fact that we are Americans who left their families to talk about believe and God. Wow. It’s amazing how much the Lord blesses us, missionaries, when we feel like we’re not doing enough. We just have to step back a minute and think “What was the good that happened today?”
There is so much good.
Funny story for you–
We have this recent convert named Mos who loves making taart, pie. He makes taart with the missionaries, elders and zusters, a lot–but because the craziness of our first few transfers, we haven’t been able to go. Anyway, we went Saturday night and had food from Iran and then made the taart. Dinner went too long, so we didn’t have the chance to eat the taart then. After church yesterday, we went with Mos to pick up the taart. It was Zr Thomas, Zr Huber, and I in the elevator (Mos beat us because we went by train and he cycled).
Zr Thomas pushes buttons 1 & 3 in the elevator–Zr Huber and I are like “What are you doing?”
“Oh, I thought we had to put in his apartment number!”hahaha, (Mos lives on floor 6), so we went on two extra floors without meaning to:)
THEN, after having the taart, we’re coming down the elevator, and I push the 0 button, but Zr Thomas comes in and pushes the 1 button. I laughed, then pushed 2. Zr Huber pushes 3 & 4 (remember we’re on 6). I push 5 and by this time we are all laughing so hard. Then Zr Thomas says “It’s like in Elf!” —so she pushes 12,11,10,9,8,7, & 6. All of the buttons are highlighted.
So, naturally, it takes us for-e-ver, to get down to the lobby.
We finally get to floor 0 and all the floor #s are still highlighted. Well, the door opens to the lobby and there was a man standing there, waiting for the elevator! HAHAHAHAHA, when we got out of the building, Zr Huber and I had an ab-workout while laughing sooooooo hard! We really hoped the man needed the first floor and not the 12th! hahah 😀 We are cruel:) hahahahahhaha
Ok, well, that is my graapje (joke) for the week.
The Church is true.
Hymns that have helped me this week:
#86, #129, #158, #165, #124, #136, #134, # 284
Oh! The Zoetermeer missionaries will be singing an arrangement that I came up with of “If you could hie to Kolob”and hymn #321 “Ye who are called to labor” for Zone Conference at the end of this month! :/ Kind of nervous, but it will be fun! I miss singing sooooooooooooo much! I am glad we believe in singing and in hymns and in the Spirit that can come from both:)
Love you all!
Zr Faa

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