Back in Zoetermeer

Jess and someone

Hallo everyone!

Well, good news–I am back in Zoetermeer!!! With Zr Huber and Zr Thomas!!!
Ok, here’s how last week went:
MONDAY: We, Zr Bradley, Zr Huber, and I, had a great Pday and a long nap!
TUESDAY: Zr Bradley became very sick. I went into the shower room and said a prayer for her and during my prayer, President Robinson called to talk to her! What a blessing! She ended up going to stay with the senior couple, Elder and Zr Romig, for a couple of days. ALSO, Tuesday was a full day, so Zr Huber and I could not accompany Zr Bradley. We had 4 hours of door and street contacting, and man oh man, it was crazy. I was done with doors, but Zr Huber said “Let’s just finish this street, Zr Faa.” and so then it was my turn and I knocked on the door, preparing myself for “geen intreseered!”when a Surinamse lady opened the door and listened to me talk in Dutch. I can’t remember what I said, but I pulled my extra Book of Mormon out of my bag and handed it to her. She asked about the Bible and I told her that we use it with the Book of Mormon. I bore testimony and she asked another question, then she invited us in! We had a great hour-and-a-half with her, talking about her family and her grandparents, then the Book of Mormon and Prophets. We’re going back today at 1! What a miracle on a crazy day with two greenies in the large city of Den Haag.
WEDNESDAY: Another full day. We had Zone Training in Zoetermeer (I saw Zr Thomas!! and I hated leaving her and my city!!) Then Zr Huber and I went back to Den Haag and taught 3 lessons to amazing investigators. We also found the Palace and the Royal Stables (which are bigger and prettier than the palace…?) and got caught in a few hail storms!
THURSDAY: Wow. This was also a crazy day. We found the beach! Just long enough to take a pic, then we left for an appointmentI met Barry, who is quite amazing. We also had a lesson and dinner with Ethlyn (in the pic with me) and I realized I was used to Den Haag–which was very weird and I felt guilty haha–but then we got a call from Zr Robinson saying that we would be going to Zoetermeer Friday!
FRIDAY: Zr Thomas, Zr Huber, and I became a trio in Zoetermeer!! Haha, it’s been crazy. Zr Thomas is almost healed. We are doing a little more every day and she is so excited–so I am, too! Zr Huber is one of my new dearest friends and I just love her. It’s great to be back in Zoetermeer, in the apartment, and everything! THe people! Church! haha:) Love it. Zr Bradley will hopefully be well enough to come back on Wednesday or Thursday. But until then, we have a wonderful, fun trio! 🙂
Thanks for all the support at home and all around the world! I am so excited to keep going and I’ve learned that the Lord means for you to keep learning, so when you get comfy in one spot He puts you in another! hahaha.
Liefs van [a relaxed and trusting]
Zr Faa:)
Netherlands beach

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