Evil Duck, Transfers, & Hospital + Zuster Young

Well Hallo everyone!

    evil duck in Holland
This is a picture of an evil duck (actually called “waterkip” meaning water chicken) that has red eyes and hisses at you when you’re biking by. Fortunately I was not on a bike this morning when I took a picture of it, but… still I call them evil ducks. They look and sound evil. Poor creatures.
 With Z Thomas at hosp
The other picture is one of myself and Zr Thomas in the ER awaiting her CT scan. It was normal, but the doctors still want to make sure there are no hairline fractures and the like, so we go for an MRI this Wednesday.
Which brings me to……TRANSFERS! ……….No call from the Zone Leaders last night, so…. WE’RE BOTH STAYING IN ZOETERMEER! I was afraid I would have to take over the city! Phew! I won’t be:) well, not yet at least. Haha. I am so grateful to stay with Zr. Thomas–we have had a lot of crazy adventures together and are awaiting plenty more (hopefully no more accidents or injuries…) but yes! Zoetermeer!!!
And…what else? We went to the baptism for Peter, who was the Elder’s investigator. He is from England, so he attends the Wassenaar English speaking Branch, but he is great. He is very old and has a cane and his nose is purple and he has a really cool mustache, but he is so happy and amazed at this church and the Gospel that has been Restored. It was a wonderful moment watching him be baptized. He could talk my ear off if I let him, reminds me of Don Hoffman! He is very experienced and loves the Gospel. You don’t have to be a jonge to be a disciple!
Lots of love from Zoetermeer (for at least another 6 weeks)!!
Zr Faa
OH AND–I SAW MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh golly I love her!
z Faa and Young meeting again in Brussels
silly BFF missionaries

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