Transfer to the Hague

Zoetermeer missionaries or district

Zuster Faasavalu’s district before transfers

Zuster Faasavalu was transferred to the Hague last week and her companion went to the mission home to recuperate from her concussion.   Jess is in a threesome, now.  Here’s her update:

Ik ben hier in Den Haag geweest voor ander half week met Zr Huber & Zr Bradley, want Zr Thomas is bij de sendings huis met President & Zr Robinson tot vrijdag. De MRI scan was klaar, geen problemen of zorgen!

Ok, sorry, English translation: I am in The Hague! I was temporarily transferred here for a week and a half while Zr Thomas recooperates in Leiden with Pres. and Zr Robinson. I miss her dearly! I am in a trio (one of the hardest things to do ever, just so you know), with Zr Huber (who I know and love from the MTC) and Zr Bradley (she goes home in Nov this year, so she’s old, haha, and I love her, too). But, I am still in charge of Zoetermeer and our investigators and other people we are teaching.

So I have two cities, Den Haag & Zoetermeer going on in my head right now, so many people to think about, and a lot of phone calls to make (in Dutch), and a lot of people in the Zoetermeer ward to keep updated on everything…..ah!!! Talk about stress!!! New apartment, new city, TWO new companions, and new investigators—plus everyone in Zoetermeer.

I miss Zoetermeer. With all my heart. Den Haag is amazing, but it’s crazy, too, ha-ha.

Zr Thomas, though is doing better!!!! The MRI scan came out clear, nothing to worry about there, and she spoke with a doctor who told her a few ways how to get the pain down. Ah! I can’t wait until Friday to reunite!

But thanks to the Lord, everything will work out and I’ll be back in Zoetermeer Friday in time to meet with Zr Ehrari and Ashil:) Love you all!!

liefs van [a crazy and stressed but faithful and somewhat-patient]

Zr Faa


giant flower pot Brussels

Giant flower pots in Brussels

cobblestones in Holland

cobblestone street

Jess's fav house in Holland

Jessica’s favorite house

Jess Netherlands sunrise

Sunrise in the Netherlands


Evil Duck, Transfers, & Hospital + Zuster Young

Well Hallo everyone!

    evil duck in Holland
This is a picture of an evil duck (actually called “waterkip” meaning water chicken) that has red eyes and hisses at you when you’re biking by. Fortunately I was not on a bike this morning when I took a picture of it, but… still I call them evil ducks. They look and sound evil. Poor creatures.
 With Z Thomas at hosp
The other picture is one of myself and Zr Thomas in the ER awaiting her CT scan. It was normal, but the doctors still want to make sure there are no hairline fractures and the like, so we go for an MRI this Wednesday.
Which brings me to……TRANSFERS! ……….No call from the Zone Leaders last night, so…. WE’RE BOTH STAYING IN ZOETERMEER! I was afraid I would have to take over the city! Phew! I won’t be:) well, not yet at least. Haha. I am so grateful to stay with Zr. Thomas–we have had a lot of crazy adventures together and are awaiting plenty more (hopefully no more accidents or injuries…) but yes! Zoetermeer!!!
And…what else? We went to the baptism for Peter, who was the Elder’s investigator. He is from England, so he attends the Wassenaar English speaking Branch, but he is great. He is very old and has a cane and his nose is purple and he has a really cool mustache, but he is so happy and amazed at this church and the Gospel that has been Restored. It was a wonderful moment watching him be baptized. He could talk my ear off if I let him, reminds me of Don Hoffman! He is very experienced and loves the Gospel. You don’t have to be a jonge to be a disciple!
Lots of love from Zoetermeer (for at least another 6 weeks)!!
Zr Faa
OH AND–I SAW MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh golly I love her!
z Faa and Young meeting again in Brussels
silly BFF missionaries

All Will Be Well

Zuster Thomas

Jessica’s companion had a bad fall on black ice three weeks ago and has suffered with a concussion.   You probably can’t imagine a better nurse than “Abnegation Jessica”.  You have to read “Divergent” to know about abnegation.   🙂

Here is the link to Zuster Thomas’ blog if you want to read her perspective.  🙂

We enjoyed long letters this past week that Jess was able to write during their time indoors.   Here is an update from her email Monday Jan 12.

Zusters from Den Haag came and exchanged with us Wednesday! It was so fun–but I was terrified. Terrified! I had to lead the way in a city I [thought] barely knew and then teach two lessons to investigators that love Zr Thomas. And I would be with another greenie! She didn’t speak much in the lessons, which was fine, but yeah. I hadn’t even met Irene because she’s been on vacation. But, I taught Souad and her daughter Amira about Joseph Smith and prophets. Amira is 9 and also wants to learn English, so we made little index cards with the Dutch word on the front with a picture and then the Engels word on the back–it’s perfect for me! haha, I’m learning simple Dutch and teaching simple English:) I love Amira she is perfect. Souad is Muslim, though, and doesn’t trust me all the way yet; so i haven’t gotten a pic with them. Irene (Ee-ray-nuh) is very very sweet. I hadn’t met her before, but I went with the Lord and tried my best. I taught her the Gospel–Faith, Repentence, Bap., the gift of the HG, & enduring to the end. We didn’t get through all of them because I asked her about her vacation. She has a sort of Malaria, so she’s really sick. She was bit by a tiger mosquito while on her vacation in Curaso (how do you spell that?). Anyway, I invited her to be baptized and she said yes! We haven’t set a date, yet because we don’t know when she can come to church (you have to go 3 times to at least some part of Sunday service before baptism). But ah! I did it! I didn’t get lost and I spoke Dutch!

          Then, the Elders called, like right after the appointment with Irene, and asked if I wanted a blessing.  Man, they are inspired. I was so wired and so tired and so afraid for that day…I needed something, and when they asked, I felt the Spirit say “get one” so I did. We met them at the church and Elder Carter gave me a blessing. 
The only thing I remember very prominently was “don’t worry: all will be well.”
Jess Netherlands sunrise
The sun will rise tomorrow!

First Baptism in Zoetermeer

First baptism in Zotermeer

Zuster and Faasavalu and Zuster Thomas with Ashil.

No accidents this week:) only miracles

Ashil was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing expreience. His face…the happiness…ahh!!!!

Zr THomas is doing a little better, but needs to rest until next week–which means staying in the apartment. But I love this Gospel.

I also love Dutch, and I successfully had phone conversations and sent text messages in Dutch:) It’s been great! A little scary at times, but the Lord is helping me and I’m trying to trust Him wholeheartedly.

Look for the miracles! They are great!

Love you all!

Zr Faa