Christmas in Holland

Netherlands cereal

Jess promised Jake and Ereka a picture of the cereal she loves.   She said it’s a mixture of corn flakes and corn pops.

Zuster Faa Netherlands temple

The Netherlands temple.  Love the flag!!!

Latest letter from Zuster Faa:

We woke up to a beautiful Christmas day. Green grass, blue sky, & no one on the streets. Our ward held a service and that was beautiful. So much singing and joy:) I sang twice, once as a tenor, and once as an alto–good thing I can sing lower when I’m sick! haha. Yes, Zr Thomas and I have had the flu. But, on Christmas we saw a total of 4 rainbows! Two double, right after downpours of rain:) Christmas + rainbows + singing = Zr Faa crying. Oh!!! and add skyping to the mix and Christmas was a whole lot of amazing-ness. Haha, I taught my family that word: geweldig, which means amazing:)

Also, we took a scary spill off our bikes after finding a patch of black ice. I am completely fine. Zr Thomas on the other hand…. she has a bad concussion and several nasty bruises. I wish it were me!! I’m sort of used to that sort of thing 😦 she is a trooper. The doctor has advised her (and ward members have ordered her) to rest for a couple of days. Which means a lot of time in a quiet, dark apartment! haha…

It’s actually been good.I’ve been in the scriptures a lot more and I’ve had to answer the phone a couple of times and the people speak Dutch, so I do, too:)

It snowed!!!!! Saturday, the 27th, it snowed:) So pretty. This photo was taken on our way to the hospital.

I love the Zoetermeer Temple. ah:)

AND–WE HAVE BAPTISM SATURDAY!! AH!!!! I feel so privileged to have taught Ashil and then to hear him say he wants to be baptized. Ah. It’s such a great feeling. He’s so excited.I’m so excited. Ah!! The Lord is amazing:) and I say that word a lot, but it’s true. Ah. Ah!

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! Hymn #215 (English)


Zr. Faa

Zuster Faa winter


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